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Resignation employment certificate labor contract Chengdu

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made a resume, through the interview, the 25 year old Dai Xiang was the new programmer for the company notice of entry, however, because to give him a certificate issued by the original company, recorded a "the staff in the project unfinished case for personal reasons, he was eventually the new company refused to let. "The company agreed to leave the job, and I filled in the resignation form and submitted the code document. Why did the leaving certificate put it this way? "

has received new recruits notice finally because of a"

"to prove to leave for half a year after the company, the 25 year old Dai Xiang submitted his resignation application, October 13th, in 3 days after his resignation. Get the resignation certificate issued by the company. Dai Xiang said that during this period, he has found a new job, and was notified in October 16th formally entered, with his own leave certificate.

however, the results did not go as smoothly as expected, because he was caught in a dispute with his former company because of a certificate of leaving his job.

to the new company on the job day, because of his resignation certificate, Dai Xiang refused to hire, even before the previous resume, interview, he felt puzzled. The company said the reason is because the artistic resignation certificate, referred to "employee turnover application" in the project unfinished case for personal reasons, Dai Xiang noticed this actually indicate prove to leave such a sentence. The new

company responsible person:

if he can not afford the company again turnover loss

Dai Xiang in Chengdu Jiaotong University Optics Valley coffee business incubator building innovation awareness Technology Co., RS R & D department, as JAVA engineer, also known as the programmer. After his departure, the company posted the certificate of resignation on the glass wall at the door. All the people outside the company could read it. From the pictures provided by Dai Xiang, all the names and positions are made public. In October 17th, the reporter found in the company, Dai Xiang personal information has been blocked by black viscose.

"in the IT industry, the programmer did not finish project on the left, a great impact on the company, so employers are taboo. "One insider said.

Dai Xiang is a small and micro company established in the near future. It mainly develops household washing machines as the carrier and is used for home automatic washing shoes. It is preparing a program for this product. The boss told the Chengdu Business Daily reporter, although Dai Xiang is recommended by acquaintances, but his resignation on the content of the certification, or let the company some internal concerns. "We can't guarantee his loyalty to the company and the project. If he leaves the company again, the loss company can't afford it. "

for a proof of departure, let Dai Xiang by new company refused, now he did not dare to the same industry company," even in other industries, people see the words on the proof of departure, will feel that you are not responsible for work. In anger, he pulled the slip of his hands in half.

a certificate of resignation, which can effectively prove the working experience, professional skills and experience level of workers, and help them obtain employment opportunities effectively. So, what caused this unpleasant resignation? The original

company responded:

employee turnover transfer did not complete the company only objective statement to

in March this year, the 35 year old Liu Yueyang from other companies to now know Technology Co. Ltd., a company RS Development Department Project Manager, after taking office, he introduced two other former colleagues to join the Department one of them is Dai Xiang.

technology belongs to a typical start-up company, the development department plus project manager only 6 people.

Dai Xiang admitted that the departure is out of the company's treatment and work dissatisfaction, "the company's office environment is too bad, has not been to employees to buy provident fund, saying that the increase of manpower has not been implemented. "What makes them more dissatisfied with

is that the three companies have promised," but it has been dragging, and I can't see the day. "

"reporter saw in the general manager know technology company email from Chen Li in September 25th, Liu Yueyang recommended Wang Hong to the company's employees filed a leave request, in September 30th, Liu Yueyang during the vacation I also submitted the application for leave, and in October 9th Dai Xiang, and submit the application for leave. Dai Xiang said, in October 9th after submitting the resignation application, and then to the company in October 10th, the boss will take the server.

Chen Li told the Chengdu Daily reporter, the company let Dai Xiang and Wang Hong fill in the handover and recording CD code in October 10th, and in October 12th after Liu Yueyang agreed to work on the two transfer audit company issued two of the proof of departure.

however, Liu Yueyang himself also submitted the application for leave, is to leave the grounds, not to accept the job, so two people transfer before leaving work can not be completed, the company does not intend to give their resignation certificate issued by.

"I handed over my job at the company's request, the server was taken away, and I couldn't work in the company anymore

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