Ma Yili gave Brigitte Lin a walk on? They have similar experiences

Ma Yili Sun Li Brigitte Lin Zheng Shuang

beiqingwangyule· 2017-11-02 07:28:18

Ma Yili yesterday in micro-blog drying out a 24 years ago, she and Brigitte Lin's photo, the original in the same year Ma Yili was in Brigitte Lin's movie ran long sleeve!

Ma Yili recalls, it was the winter of 1993, Brigitte Lin in Shanghai Longhua Temple shooting the movie "six finger demon", when Ma Yili was reading three, one day is a good friend to pull in the film walk on his four law enforcement.

so they went to the studio to make up, and Ma Yili just remembered that the director of the martial arts called them four girls to do a jump up, and then they finished it.

and Ma Yili at the movies that did not see his face, because of the four law enforcement presence was blown up. Fortunately, someone took a picture of Brigitte Lin with her on the set, so Ma Yili's mother wrapped it up and pressed it under the glass table board. The results of

Ma Yili in Wuzhen recently told Brigitte Lin again, two people after 24 years apart again finally took a photo of &darr

" this after being apart a long time don't know is never will echo? This micro-blog

Ma Yili sent out after her fans to watch the "six finger demon", then they found the figure of Ma Yili ↓

ha ha ha the feeling that although Ma Yili green, but was still quite serious! For the fans could cut out so clearly as positive.

" in the recent entertainment this really is a lot after being apart a long time, for example in Zhejiang TV New Variety "actor" was born, Song Dandan not only comment on Zheng Shuang's performance, two people will perform with the cooperation of a mother and daughter.

" you know, they also have a similar origin of Brigitte Lin Ma Yili and Zheng Shuang Oh, when I was a child and Song Dandan had a group photo

Zheng Shuang was learning to dance, piano talent, at the age of four completed their first appearance on the stage, at the age of five began to participate in the television show, is also in the game, she met his idol Song Dandan, with this photo opportunities.

yes, Zheng Shuang was very love Song Dandan, often imitated her sketches, before Zheng Shuang's father Zheng Shuang had exposed a imitation of Song Dandan's video at home, feeling she was acting better than now. ↓

and Zhao Liying recently micro-blog also affectionately called Yiwei Zhou a brother, also drying out two years ago and now the photo stills ↓

" we think of it as early as 2010, Zhao Liying is not red, she worked with Yiwei Zhou over the sphere of the ". At that time the cast is really not weak, actor Yiwei Zhou, Yu Shaoqun, Zhang Bo, Yuko Tanaka, Tao Yin, actress Zhang Meng, and Zhao Liying in the play a supporting role, Yiwei Zhou is not related to the sister.

"no wonder Yiwei Zhou on seventy-two layer odd floor", to Zhao Liying then Chongni ↓

two of the original this is the long lost brother and sister!

" but when the famous walk on experience, the most familiar is the year of Sun Li in "romance in the rain" to Zhao Wei dance thing.

" this drama is broadcast in 2001, when Sun Licai and Zhao Wei had just debuted, because "Huanzhugege" and known to every family.

" did not expect two years later, Sun Li won the "jade goddess of mercy" became popular, and now she is as expensive as the star of Zhao Wei.

just a short time ago, she earlier participated in the interview program of a video and was turned out by netizens, when the host Dai Jun asked Sun Li before "Jade Guanyin" played before what drama? Sun Li face Meng than expression and said: "no ah".

, Dai Jun reminds her again: "you think again, have you ever seen a flash in which play?" "After repeatedly prompted, Sun Li suddenly smiled, because she remembered Dai Jun refers to the" romance in the rain "!

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