What is the golden arch? The luxury brand was renamed "tapestry"

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meirijingjixinwen· 2017-11-02 07:33:53

last week, a McDonald's name "golden arches" message scraper, which is full of rustic name attracted netizens brain hole wide open.


spoof if McDonald's" name "is just a harmless means of marketing, then in the local time this Tuesday (October 30th), the other name of an American company is really shocked the global luxury goods industry. In

1941, a family tailor workshop opened in New York, Manhattan, named Coach (Chinese name Kou Chi). The carriage of the trademark was later developed into the world first light luxury brand. In the context of European brands such as LV, which monopolized luxury industry, Coach became a benchmark of the luxury goods industry in the United states.

"Coach official website Xiaobian every trademark of

(micro signal: nbdnews Coach) noted that in October 30th, the company officially changed its name to Tapestry, Chinese meaning" tapestry "(a flower carpet, tapestry of Italy).

a time U.S. mainstream media have lamented, the 76 year history of the old New York, it is to "give up"? New York Times and even playing the title: "the coach is dead, when Li tapestry"!

" and consumers and investors to the name of the bad reviews, Coach shares also announced that the name fell 3.2%. But "

" tapestry of this company is planning for a long time to change the plan. Tapestry CEO Victor Louis (former LV Marketing Director) said: "

" tapestry, the name of the fusion of handicrafts, creativity and heavy handle imagination, represents the company's next step. "

cause consumer resentment after each

was small (micro signal: nbdnews) seen in the original Coach company's official website, the company name was changed to Tapestry, the New York stock exchange stock code also follow the change from COH to TPR.

source: Tapestry official website of

company's official website said the tapestry, light yellow color and font should be carefully designed, will bring a bright and cheerful mood. CEO Victor Louis is also a poetic interpretation: "

" tapestry is a precise and subtle metaphor of our values.

each piece of wool should be coordinated with each other, skillfully intertwined, in order to weave a beautiful tapestry, which is like our company's sub brand relationship. "

but have said American consumers do not buy it. According to CNBC news:

23 year old Ariane said that the name of this tapestry let her young people feel "old conservative"; a man named

O'Reilly of the elderly said that he heard the word tapestry, will first think of dark crowded university dormitory, the first time in his life in the blanket is hanging on the wall in his college dorm Catherine; loyal users

Coach said she first heard the name "want to call the police".

, but what makes Coach fans feel a little bit comfortable is that the Coach trademark and brand will not be affected in the future. The tapestry company sources, the parent company will not affect the operation of brand.

after each small (micro signal: nbdnews) noted that the company is currently under the name of Coach, a tapestry of Kate Spade and Stuart Weitzman three sub brands, the company also said the decision will maintain independence of operations between three brands.

now renamed highlight the business diversification of global luxury goods industry giant, the parent company and the subsidiary brand name is not a few, such as the famous LV (Louis Weedon) brand of the parent company called LVMH (- Hennessey Louis Vuitton, Moyer).

after all, traditional luxury brands are often backed by a European descent noble family, brand reputation accumulation may take hundreds of years to the parent company, naturally do not want to give up this goodwill value high brand name.

, by contrast, Coach was renamed this time, but somewhat similar to the thinking of the emerging Internet Co.

is like in 2015, Google renamed its parent company Alphabet. Before then, the name of Google parent was Google, and the trademark value was about $300 billion by Forbes magazine.

so, why Google is the parent company to give up the known to every family name? The original

with Google in segments extending within the Google acquisition and other take cities and seize territory, the company created more and more (such as driverless car manufacturer waymo).

will be the parent company name change, the group's business diversification can become more prominent, so that people will be on the Google search impression and the overall image of the group to distinguish, avoid the parent company for the tired old Google's reputation.

photograph: Coach

brand's official website in the same way, tapestry CEO Victor Louis said: "in the past,

Coach companies and brands are exactly the same thing.

but that time is over, now

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