A detail of the terrorist attack in New York will explode again in the United States

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huanqiuwang· 2017-11-02 07:40:41

New York burst together serious terrorist attacks: a 29 year old man driving a truck suddenly crashed into a roadside crowd of people, also gun fire, ultimately caused 8 deaths, 11 people were injured! The murderer was wounded after police arrested … &hellip

; at the same time, this incident has become since 2001 after the 9/11 terrorist attacks, attack the United States of New York suffered the most deadly … …

as the case gradually clear, one of the most important details about the perpetrators, has aroused strong concern many U.S. Internet users, and even now it has become a topic of the most popular social networking site … …

" what details? Originally, according to the American media, the terrorist who immigrated from Uzbekistan to the United States 7 years ago came to the United States through an immigration program called "multi immigrant visa".

according to US immigration official website introduction, this to other countries applicants awarded a total of more than 50 thousand green card through the "lottery" way of immigration program, is the Democratic Party's senior senator Charles Schume founded in 1990, and began officially in 1995. The aim is to encourage immigrants who have a small proportion of the immigrant population in the United States to settle in the United States, thus diversifying the immigrant population in the United states".

" but it is the real meaning of the U.S. government was engaged in the "multiple visa" project, is to let the white European immigrants to the United States more "balanced", earlier influx of American Asian and Latin American immigrants. So, the data showed the Irish people from Europe early in the project a huge benefit, many green card quota fell on their hands on the … &hellip

" later, in order to make the policy do not seem to "eat with ugly", is "racial equality", the government of the United States in the immigration project has added many didn't what conditions of immigrants in the United States and developing countries third world countries (such as the Central Asian Muslim country Uzbek).

" can make us politicians surprise, that they did not feel what to live in the United States "poor" people, but soon began to apply for large quantities of immigrants in the United States in this way.

such as the official data show that in 2008, Uzbekistan had only a total of more than 15.3 people apply for the immigration program, and in 2010 there are more than 4000 people in Uzbekistan through the end of this project to get a U.S. green card, including the manufacture of today's terrorist attack on New York gangster Sipov (Sayfullo Saipov).

, then you will certainly ask: why can a terrorist get a green card?

according to some U. S.media and U.S. immigration official materials, this is because the immigration project requirements for applicants is not high - and even can be said to be very low: as long as you have a high school diploma or a serious occupation 2 years work experience, then the nationality also meets the requirements of the project, you can the application, and the whole process is also free … &hellip

; the problem is that in many developing countries and the third world countries, the diploma and work experience verification work is difficult to be rigorous and accurate, because these countries themselves lack the conditions. And this will have an obvious hazard: once the terrorists who want to the detriment of the United States through the clever fake identity, education and work background to apply for a green card, or the application of criminals through forged criminal record, then the United States in these countries the embassies and consulates very probably leaks.

" therefore, in the opinion of some American politicians, the immigration plan should be abolished, and in addition to national security issues, they think of the immigration program for America's economic and social development have no obvious significance, but did not lead to a lot of the ability to feed their own people also went to the United States to "bargain", leaving many through efforts to study and work to get a green card to other applicants was unfair.

in calling for the abolition of the policy people, was undoubtedly the best known American president Trump, and he intends to promote immigration reform will include the direct to the abolition of the existence of more than 20 years of immigration program content.

", of course, his idea was soon followed by the Democratic Party in the United States and many mainstream American liberal media opposition. The Washington Post, for example, says that Trump's actions will not only hinder the United States
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