AIA lights up? Desk officer: there is a naughty one

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haiwaiwang· 2017-11-02 07:41:16

(original title: "friends" red light? Taiwan officials said: "there is a naughty"

map for Cai Yingwen to visit the South Pacific friend". (source: Taiwan media information)

11 1, overseas network recently, there Taiwan media had exposed 6 "in the South Pacific allies" Taipei is also loose situation, in order to consolidate the "diplomatic relations", Cai Yingwen 28, to which 3 aia". However, on the occasion of Cai Yingwen's visit, another "friendship" unstable news. According to the

Pro Green media reports, for the South Pacific 6 "allies" whether "roc" firm, Taiwan executives said, compared with the South Pacific South America is relatively calm, but still have a very naughty, and the Taiwan authorities will bargain. "

from Panama and Taiwan" diplomatic relations ", the media that the Taiwan authorities is likely to usher in the tide of diplomatic relations". At the same time, "roc" after news also came after another. According to foreign news reported earlier, the United States and Micronesia "freedom alliance agreement" agreement may be the fastest in the end of 2018, and China, are actively cooperate with Micronesia in the economic, military and other aspects, and let it become a model of China and the South Pacific island of cooperation. Taiwan media had worried that the move will cause Taiwan South Pacific allies relationship instability.

Taiwan media reports also said that once in the successful establishment of new mode of cooperation in the United States do not have the "freedom alliance", Zhou Zaonan Pacific island may emulate. The media broke the news, in Taiwan, 6 South Pacific allies, Palau and Solomon islands in recent years to the mainland jollier.

in addition, the relationship between Taiwan authorities and the Solomon islands has been loosened, in addition to palau. Solomon local media who broke the news, Solomon 2016 Premier Sue Gia Varey trip, met with Chinese in Papua New Guinea counselor, proposed the establishment of diplomatic relations with Chinese. Taiwan media believes that despite the Solomon authorities clarified that only with the development of economy and the establishment of diplomatic relations with China, independent, but with the mainland in recent years in the area of economic sense to strengthen, Solomon islands "backward" is only a matter of time, I am afraid.

at the same time, Cai Yingwen's visit is not only from the "friendly" striking one snag after another, now news, was personally called president Marshall is from the Taiwan area China leaders. On the occasion of Cai Yingwen's visit to the "friendly friend" of the South Pacific, he once again came to the news of "unstable friendship". Obviously, "one China" has become the trend of the world, and the DPP authorities should recognize the reality as soon as possible. The Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council of the

has clearly pointed out that the "92 consensus", which embodies the principle of one China, is the sea god needle for peaceful development of Cross Straits relations. Only by acknowledging the "92 consensus" and recognizing the core meaning of the two sides of the Taiwan Strait, can the cross-strait relations return to the correct direction of peaceful development. The Taiwan authorities should clearly understand the situation, to make sensible choices.

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