In ancient times, pick up martial arts cheats can become a peerless master, is it possible?

Kung Fu Shen Nong the Warring States period India

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" in the martial arts novels or movies, often can see was a martial arts cheats, then became a martial arts master plot. Even in the martial arts master who mostly rely on advanced cheats learn kung fu, most can only be reduced and the second rate from the master, even the master was the best in all the land master in Jin Yong's novels, such as Wang Zhongyang was Huashan Mountain powers and his disciples as the best in all the land, qiuchuji Quan Zhen Qi Zi is only the second master. Therefore, martial arts cheats naturally become the focus of competition for heroes. This also creates an impression that reading books are more self-taught than those taught by masters. But is it true in reality?

"Wang Chongyang and the whole true seven portrait of

in fact this impression comes not from the martial arts novels created by the authors, this is a kind of traditional, this means to sell their first names under the guise of number, as early as two thousand years ago during the Warring States period has been playing very skilled. According to the "Hanshu Yiwenzhi" recorded "in the Warring States period, in the farm, has specialized books devoted to" pay attention to "learn" and "Shennong twenty" noe seventeen. According to Yan Shigu's notes, Shen Nong is a kind of "Shennong" in the Warring States period". It was written by myself in the name of shennong. Not to mention the Eastern Han Dynasty claimed in the dream in the immortal angle of Zhuangzi teach this routine classics. This under the guise of the name of their ancestors in the past in the martial arts repertoire is not rare, not famous people Leekpai Kaizong nobody knows how to do? It's good to pick up a matchless secret book under the cliff. As long as Kung Fu is true effort, then it is not fraud, it can only be regarded as a marketing means. Because of the mystery brought by this kind of marketing method, it is always talked about by people, so it is used by novelists. In the martial arts novels, the heroes who did not fall off the cliff and picked up a Kung Fu secret book seem to be ashamed to call themselves heroes.

" but this kind of marketing is obviously not serious, past people in feudal society, mostly illiterate illiterate, heard that picked up one of the cheats can understand practice a Kung Fu, will feel literate who could read nature very much. But now everyone is gone to school read the book, the same textbooks, the teacher is just by watching the textbooks echo what the books say, but there are differences between the learning efficiency and the teacher explained the answer is, as long as the learned man can understand. This is education were devoted to careful compilation, easy to learn textbooks, not to mention the most ancient cheats of classical Chinese, the picture drawing is very rough, so just think you know to rely on a knife like boxing spectrum is self-taught, which actually have much difficulty.

" in fact, different from known modern combat weight, physical confrontation wear protective gear is the traditional martial arts to mostly just for self-defense and self preservation, anti body to face the enemy, it is not like the modern fighting, are called over weight, and their body close to the opponent. In the absence of rules, most of the other possible armed, even complex enemy. In this case, assembly line teaching, like modern combat, is clearly inappropriate. His height and weight are, in this case, need to be individualized, a martial art is very important. For example, the master apprentice is tall, short, tall against what the master did not experience, never mind, find a short can ask uncle.

" is also very easy to cause the wrong position of martial arts sports injury, this is not only the martial arts, almost all sports are not due to posture causes the movement injury cases. It is very important for the master to guide the position and avoid the injury. But even so martial arts injury is a drug can hardly be avoided, so he kept the old society, wounded to a nearby school is a very common thing for them. So accidentally injured in practice, there are specific drug treatment supply division.

for example, the author in the martial arts will hit the tree to the exercise arm blocking ability, and bone density, the theory is to not play hurt efforts to blow it. But in fact, accidentally hit bruising is also very common. The author has special use in the treatment of this situation of medicinal liquor. Instead, modern western medicine is not very good for this kind of bruises, such as bruises, generally only cold compress hot therapy. Therefore, the inheritance of a school can provide help is great, not only a few cheats can be replaced.

, but there are indeed many people in ancient books recorded in the moves. However, according to the author's knowledge, at present, the author has not heard of the author who can do anything by ancient books. Because actually, it's really hard to see how these ancient books are used
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