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youxiputao· 2017-11-02 07:46:29

"metal gear 5: phantom pain" and "metal gear 5: the original explosion point" has now received a PS4 Pro update patch optimization. In addition, if you have a "metal gear 5: Ultimate Edition" that this update will also "Metal Gear Solid 5: the original explosion point" bring expressive game promotion.

Konami said, this update will bring the number of performance more stable for the PS4 Pro, but some of these cutscenes will still use the resolution of 1080p. Konami also noted that the update will also provide support for higher resolution, with the highest resolution of 2560x1440 for the 4K monitor, and also some Bug fixes. In addition, due to the use of oversampling technology, even if your monitor only supports 1080p, there will still be a lot of ascension on the screen.

"metal gear 5: phantom pain" is currently serving as a member of PS+ PSN offers free games, and in November this will also become a member of the Xbox Game Pass camp, interested in the game player to download it quickly.

source: Polygon

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