I worked with a NASA astronaut for 11 years and found the characteristics of 5 successful people

The United States earth education science

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his name is Liu Zhuoyu, from Houston, a name called HASSE (Space Science Education Association) educational institutions, is committed to the promotion of innovation and learning, and provide guidance for space and science education as a young man.

short 16 minute speech, he shared his passion to and NASA (NASA) to work with scientists, along with experience, and from them to see the success of character.

, for example, we are familiar with Armstrong, the first woman astronaut in the United States, Sally Ladd, etc..

Liu Zhuoyu found that they became astronauts, influenced society and changed human history because they were thinking about something, "space" all day".

God gives everyone the gift and the passion, and we have to find it and receive professional training to become the 5% person.

" at the beginning, he introduced a research university in the United States, to consider a person's status from the two dimensions, the vertical axis represents the "skills and talents", the horizontal axis represents "enthusiasm". However,

living in 80% of the people are in low enthusiasm and high skill training in quadrant , this part of the crowd on the life and work enthusiasm is relatively low, so often do not love their work, but they do not know what they want, they believe in their own training field earn enough money, go to travel around the world, find your passion.

and are only 5% people in the high enthusiasm, high professional training quadrant , they both have a high degree of professional training, and full of enthusiasm for his own field, this type of people including Michael Jordan, Stephen Jobs, etc..

talked about Jobs, who was selling cellphones before he died, not because he liked to sell things, but because of his passion for the field of expertise.


, if our young people can find such a picture in their minds, it is the power to overcome difficulties.

NASA many workers had a childhood dream of space, when they see the "Armstrong moon" photos from black and white TV was decided, I want to be him!

it is because the mind has always maintained this picture, so that they will overcome difficulties, even if the future did not become an astronaut, many have become the space doctors, or space related staff.


when young people can find the great meaning behind doing something, then it's no longer difficult.

2012" in August 5th, the curiosity Rover spent 253 days successfully landed on the surface of mars. In the moment of joy, a student came up to him and said "teacher, I know why to learn mathematics", in the warm atmosphere of the scene, the teacher said excitedly, "for this reason, is the study of mathematics, mathematics is not to get into a good school, in order to bring people to explore Mars is math".

imagine, when our children in learning mathematics, chemistry, physics, and any other discipline, and my heart is filled with a great goal, such as examination such as difficulty there is only a small stumbling block.

+ + professional talent enthusiasm enthusiasm, are the elements of success. There is a student in NASA's lab

", asked a working engineer "Sir, you love your job". The

engineer replied "I work every day from 9 a.m. to 11 p.m. on weekends and friends playing boats, cars, entertainment, I'm still working here".

"but the boats and cars they play are running on the earth. The boat I do is running on space and on Mars. I love my job. I love every second of my work! "

, in contrast, we have many people can say, I love my job?

because the engineers love his work, this work is given a mission.


can imagine, when he completed his dream, in the space looking at the blue sky before, I must think, these 12 years pay value.

a NASA astronauts on the international space station for 166 days, 38 hours to walk in space.

, who was 10 years old, saw Armstrong on the moon, determined to become an astronaut, attended the related department, and entered the NASA at the age of 24. After

, he applied for astronauts every year, and he applied for 16 times until he was 36 years old. The NASA Committee said, "well, let him be an astronaut."".

in the application process, he constantly sum up experience from the failure: what about me

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