People who know how to stop in time are not going to have bad luck

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" "luck", "

" is just a timely stop.

stop time is wisdom,

is also reconciled with itself,

and the world reconciliation method. "One

-- Hugh

2014, large shareholders China collective carnival.

my colleagues, spent 6 years savings of about 1000000, plus 4 times leverage. When the

2015 in April, earned about 4000000.

A shares in May began to go mad, the last radiance of the setting sun. 6 month index investors queue jumping, jumping.

colleagues were forced open, finally left less than 300 thousand of the cost of living.

six years of effort, a dream into nothingness.

and colleagues pulled hair and asked myself: why I didn't throw 3 million fall? Why didn't I throw it when I fell 2 million? I didn't throw when why fall 1 million guaranteed?......


because not reconciled to!

, as a police friend told me,

, in fact, people entering MLM, as long as the intelligence level is normal, all understand that it is a scam.

they do not come out, not that people think brainwashing, or limited freedom of life, more is not reconciled.

is not willing to invest so much money, never get back;

unwilling to be cheated;

unwilling to have a dream, a trick dashed.

results are getting deeper and deeper.

once had a MLM leader after being arrested, frankly, "MLM" is not willing to do".

can not be reconciled, is a kind of greed.

is like a bottomless pit, engulfing human reason, and

destroys all of one person at last.

all of the vested interest losses, are particularly concerned about.

psychology called "the loss of hate".

psychologists have done a similar experiment:

first let people spend 100 yuan to buy a movie ticket.

a few days, tell them another movie is more beautiful, and as long as 50 yuan.

people spend 50 yuan to buy second movie tickets.

a few days, and tell people that the two movie times repeat, must give up a.

results most people chose to watch the more expensive first movie, rather than the more interesting second movies.

the reason is very simple, most people think that the first movie, they only lost 50 yuan; if you see second movies, it means that they lost 100 yuan.

fear of loss, beyond on whether cost-effective care.

so, psychologists judgment: fear of loss, beyond the desire for profit. The economist

has done similar. Daniel Kahneman, a professor at the Princeton University and a Nobel Laureate in economics in 2002, did a coin flipping experiment at


he found a group of people in the street, let them throw a coin.

if you face up, you win 100 yuan; if

goes up the opposite side, you lose 100 yuan.

in principle, each half of the proportion of winning.

but the vast majority of people have rejected the request.

clearly, for fear of losing $100 than 100 yuan won the temptation of much stronger.

Kaniman changed the rules.

he gave 500 yuan to passers-by.

then to passers-by two choices:

first, immediately returned 250 yuan, he took 250 yuan to leave;

second, coin. Heads, the return of 500 yuan; tails, no money, with 500 yuan to leave.

this time, most people choose to toss a coin.

because they're afraid to lose 250 yuan.

in order to compensate for this fear, be willing to take the risk to lose 250 yuan.

concludes that people have a natural fear of loss, and that people are willing to take risks in order to avoid losses or to recoup losses.

we often see more gamblers lose more gambling;

fall into the MLM people willing to act as an accomplice in the den of thieves.

they are trying to recoup their losses, at the risk of gamble again, fantasy comeback.

once saw the news, Yunnan Province Lu Feng County, a woman surnamed Li, embezzlement 5 million to buy lottery tickets, chained and thrown into prison.

was wondering all the time. Winning the lottery was difficult, even if winning, 5 million big pie.

corruption 5 million to buy lottery, direct money can not it? Don't be a fool!

later, according to Lee's account, she has been a dream of the prize, not only can not work, but also leave wealth to offspring.

when more, this idea more strongly.

is not only to get money, but more importantly, to invest so much money in the early stage, and also to win the lottery to save.

to invest 5 million of public funds, arrested and jailed.

her loss is not only for the lottery without knowing the idea of turning back, but also in their own unwilling.

is not willing to let her in the wrong way, do not know to brake back.

world is so big, life is so long, who is bound to go wrong steps.

Confucius said: "rectifies hell. "

wrong is wrong, promptly acknowledge, no shame.

to correct the error, the most important prerequisite is to terminate the wrong behavior, is to stop in time.

this is the great wisdom in life can help.

there is a high school girl classmate, forceful personality