PS+ membership free games in Europe and America in November 2017

The spirit of dance martial arts games dolls worms

youxishiguangVGTIME· 2017-11-02 09:03:55

11 PS+ will serve the United States free games have been published, one of the main game is "battlefield" worms, "worms" series is a very strategic game, after the game player can shoot on the local alignment angle, according to whether the weapons precision strikes to the opponent, or destruction of topography, will produce a variety of effects different.

is this month, the US PS+ team:

PS4 "

PS4 "

PS3 "R-Type" Dimensions

PS3 "

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PSV "Dungeon" Punks

the PS4 version of Crossbuy support.

PSV "sword 5: snake curse"

free Chapter 1 & second chapter.

in addition, US service members in November 7th to January 2nd can also get PS VR games until dawn: "blood ruin Zhang".

source: PlayStation Blog

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