Jay Chou appeared to eat breakfast, Ling coffee shop performance rose 30%

Kun Ling Shanghai sports hero League

beiqingwangyule· 2017-11-02 10:09:00

Taiwan media reported Jay Chou (Jay Chou) in October 31st to the wife Kunling opened Machi Doggie Coffee restaurant "patrol" to eat breakfast, and coffee shop manager punch for publicity, Lucas said, before Jay Chou still in the store when not actively leaking whereabouts, but the exception, people still shop Po to be ready for the full 3 hours, it attracted many fans to pilgrimage, rough estimation of the day than usual performance increased two or three.

manager Lucas said, Jay Chou often take time to the store, usually favorite "mentai shrimp spaghetti" and "green garlic chicken pasta", every time he will visit relatives and friends, to help you the first point of the two pasta; he also love to drink Japanese Matcha latte, I often renew second cups. Lucas praised Jay Chou no shelves, each consumer will pay a bill, Jay Chou forgot to bring money, but also specially invited a friend to help.

Machi Doggie Coffee to help restaurant management dishes is Kunling dog Machi lovely image for pet friendly flagship restaurant, ingenious combination of cool style retro tide taste. In this vast dining is not afraid of boring, clothing cabinet around Chao WOOF can a door in the corner, the store will continue to broadcast popular events, in September this year for the first time broadcast video games' heroes League World Series. The

cafe is Kunling, but Jay Chou occasionally served as a "consultant", timely advice, such as decoration, even new dishes, he loves and crisp roast chicken burger muffins, he is travelling to Japan from the original Jay Chou inspired meals. Other popular meals include unique desserts, lollipop muffins and Machi cotton candy latte. The limited ice drop coffee is made with special ice cubes of dog's palm shape, and the percentage of popularity is 100 percent.

Shanghai concert postponed

Jay Chou yesterday revealed to play overweight near the world trade center, enjoy a rare holiday, but Lu media reports, he will be in the concert in Shanghai stadium in 17, 18, 2017 FA Cup final was cancelled, the stadium shall be paid 1 million yuan (about the NT $4 million). This music said: "Shanghai Games organizers of this year because of the site has not been determined, so there has been no official site for the sale of tickets, what the problem is, we don't know. "

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