Warm cry! The retired professor wrote hundreds of pages of PubMed tips "sought after by students

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a professor Zhang Yihui in finishing postgraduate tips".

2018 years of postgraduate enrollment has just ended, when completing the volunteer many colleges allow candidates to choose some screenwriters. However, the spread of a senior student at the Yangzhou University School of law in a "PubMed secret", hundreds of pages of the "tips", detailed and clear records of the postgraduate colleges analysis, knowledge points, finishing preparing notes practical content, become the precious materials students pursued "". Reporters learned that the "entrance exam cheats" by the retired professor Zhang Yihui compiled by the hospital, will not use the computer input method of him, with the external handwritten board, a pen and a pen to write this thick "entrance exam cheats"". 2, the reporter interviewed Zhang Yihui teacher.

"commoner professor" of "Postgraduate Entrance Examination Cheats", into the students' required teaching material

Zhang Yihui teacher engaged in teaching for nearly 40 years, by the love of the students. Because weekdays Zhang Yihui is always a pair of shoes, perennial with a gray blousetrousers, students privately called him "Professor"". In 2012, has reached the retirement age of the school he was rehired, responsible for students and judicial examination teaching. He is over sixty years of age, this can leisurely live at home, no work no burden to others puzzled, Zhang Yihui always smiled: "since students need me, I Why not?? "The reporter saw

, PubMed tips compiled by Zhang Yihui," "rich in content, with the legal profession characteristic, summarizes all the domestic law school calendar years of College enrollment. In terms of preparation, combined with years of teaching experience, Zhang Yihui from the knowledge, analysis of test questions, answer skills, text expression, writing neat and many other aspects, to make recommendations to students. Because fit the needs of the candidates, "learning postgraduate tips" became the compulsory teaching students "".

does not use his computer, a pen to write "Entrance Examination Cheats"

reporters learned that Zhang Yihui does not use the computer, in order to make up for deficiencies, he always ask the students computer knowledge, if you forget, Zhang Yihui will process down posted on the computer. "Zhang class is writing on the blackboard, then new teaching media, he taught himself computer, because not familiar with the operation of a piece of paper, once it took nearly two weeks, he is a word play out. "Student Zhou Changrui said. When

compiled the "secret book", the typing speed was too slow, for fear of delaying the students to choose schools, Zhang Yihui bought the computer keyboard handwritten board. This book has nearly 100 pages of "cheats", although the input speed is not as fast as the input method, the efficiency is also increased many times.

delta finishing materials.

learned that, in addition to this "entrance exam" compilation, Zhang Yihui will also be in a variety of time to the postgraduate entrance examination students different care. Chow told reporters that during the preparation for postgraduate examination, if it is hot in summer, Zhang often with a big bag of beverage with mung bean soup, to give the students good. From home to go to school by bike, mung bean soup taken when his clothes are drenched. Sprint stage, Zhang Yihui once had burned Braised pork in brown sauce to the students to review the improvement of food. In winter, the cold weather, in order not to let the meat cold, Miss Zhang wrapped up with his own clothes to the students.

"when the teacher, is the heart of parents. "This word of Zhang Yihui, has spread among the students. In the past more than 10 years, more than one thousand students have been dreaming of a long journey, and you can always get the respect of everyone from the heart. "This is what a student wrote to him.

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