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Net red Shanghai Han Han the road

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tells jokes, sell feelings, long queues, it is not the quality of.

another red restaurant has fallen. Recently, Hushang media "Shanghai hundred percent" exposed, net red restaurant "Miss Zhao unequal" 6 chain stores have all been closed, netizens God comment: this really need not wait.

2013, "Miss Zhao inequipotential" in Shanghai Changle Road opened the first store, the boss behind the "Miss Zhao" of Shanghai was a well-known host, the husband of the mystery novelist, two are micro-blog's "Reds", with millions of fans.

"Miss Zhao unequal" flagship creative salt baked dishes, with fan advantages and marketing means, after the opening of the very hot, and soon opened several stores. According to the once "pull grass" consumer parlance, one or two years ago, one to the point of the restaurant, long queues, one or two hours can wait for the superior is good, worthy of the name of the net red shop.

" opened, "Miss Zhao inequipotential" is mainly with the freshness of this kind of creative restaurants and star effect "mass". is the boss of celebrity cross-border, restaurant behind there is a romantic story, each dish names are full of feelings, it will store decoration attractive themes, such as "travel themed ASE stores" and "music box as the theme of the Ding Dong shop" in various ways in social media brush the sense of existence.

, however, did not support the original hot net red restaurant farther from the point of view of micro-blog users comments, "Miss Zhao inequipotential" marketing campaign and can not make up for the lack of taste, "unpalatable and expensive" is a general evaluation of diners in the restaurant. The specialty of only the price watch soul, salt baked salty dishes to the hair. Many netizens say, this restaurant to gather a lively enough, do not want to eat second times desire, the hotel can not rely on speculation, have to rely on the taste of speaking.

" that said in an interview, "Miss Zhao inequipotential" originally comes from a fresh idea, with the passage of time, whether consumers or himself to the idea of freshness will be over.

Shanghai was gathered in Wukang road network red shop, but this has become many deserted, the former along the road network streams of people busily coming and going in line to buy red bread and ice cream crowd disappeared, all red net shops have been closed. Change of Wukang road represents development network red shop in a certain extent, after the explosion of red, a feather. The

network red shop are almost routine, a sense of novelty and social media topics to attract the attention of young people, such as [like] his tea talk scripts, such as [] nice to meet you and speak like the feelings, such as [like] Bao master running out of life line, "quite didn't come over the net red shop, don't mean to talk about youth". If can be a hot shop in the vast sea of people, it will become the object of everyone in the circle of friends.

2015, Han Han opened the first nice to meet you, opening day people lined up for 7 hours, the shop names are from the name to Han Han, "what you don't eat my tofu", "father", the director of the Hamburg "groping", the most suitable hair circle of friends. However, the novelty for a while, there is no new dish launched, and the price is small, patronize a lot less people.

" in the catering circle, first make a network of red food IP, then to attract capital has become one of the most popular mode of operation. However, with the popularity of social media, generations of net red shop and take out, to the attention of young people want to open a restaurant will be sucked down, not by a few pictures of fancy names and social media, only a gimmick is not enough.

restaurant industry veteran Tian Ligang said in an interview, the catering industry on the surface of the threshold is relatively low, but outsiders lack shop, once the expansion will be exposed to entrepreneurs lack of experience in catering.

"Miss Zhao inequipotential" the boss in business to consciousness after 4 years, the modern people want to keep fresh, need to constantly develop new recognized dishes, every quarter of a dozen new recipes. , and this continuous operation and management ability is the lack of excessive reliance on marketing and despise the quality of products and innovation of the red shop.

net red shop lack of operation and management capabilities are not only reflected in the development of dishes, but also in logistics, supply chain, food safety aspects exposed. Rapid expansion often occurs behind, the franchise brand clutter, no centralized supply channels, food tastes vary, the lack of security control.

often queued for 3 hours + Shanghai net red bakery Farine on suspicion of the use of expired moldy flour, in March this year was seized, 4 people were taken away. Red Net restaurant "a cage small indeed fortunate 11 stores in Shanghai in July this year, all life, issues related to food safety and the reasons for the closure of illegal operations caused by food poisoning 71 people.

if even the most basic supply of raw materials and food safety are uncertain, and even will have a very bad impact on the safety of consumers, and then interesting, and then again what is the use of feelings? After all, these are just food additives

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