Female version of young female white-collar workers, Guangxi discovered about Qunjia

WeChat Wanda Nanning crash

guangxixinwenpindao· 2017-11-03 02:25:39

began the afternoon of November 1st, a video online crazy pass, is said to be the female white-collar brawl, and the incident occurred on our Nanning green Wanda Commercial Plaza, what is going on?

this little video news yesterday in the sister group crazy pass,

can be seen, many men and women all melee strike violently.

later, news sister also saw some pictures before the fight.

" so it seems, these girls seem to be about good.

look at this posture, isn't what American idol drama shooting in Nanning?

, but they didn't say a few words..

was confused … …

is really yiyanbuge hands, seven or eight women soon in front of the mall into a group, then several men also joined the melee, you a black tiger Taoxin, I a deadly scissors, the scene was very chaotic. Fortunately, several security arrived, they can be separated, but the two groups of people are very excited mood, until it was getting late, police intervention stopped.

from the environment is not difficult to see that the video recording locations in the city of Nanning Wanda Commercial Plaza, a green door, was the first to rush to the security monitor Shi Da brother Lycra told us what happened yesterday about half past four.

" green Wanda Commercial Plaza security monitor brother Shi: when we see them in the square patrol, have been observed, later found wrong, immediately on the past stop

brother Shi said, these women are fighting near several credit company, is the female white-collar workers, really did not think they will be in a public occasion. Despite the image strike violently. From the leaked online WeChat group screenshot, should be two people quarrel, each other about downstairs, their causes which make friends with congenial persons, events.

" reporter from the area Long Gang police station learned that the incident caused no casualties, only a woman's face was scratched nails. A preliminary investigation also spread on the network is not what grab customers or grab a man, is in the WeChat action language played a conflict, the impulse was staged a farce. At present, a small number of the party has made a note in the police station, the police are looking for a large number of parties to the police station for investigation.

class=", id=, wow, is it a new era?

in fact, we are civilized people,

can be on WeChat shelves,

why can not talk about it on WeChat?

besides, didn't say anything,

, would your friends and girls be a little bit more angry?

Xiaobian or hope that young people more generous,

something to do, do not start doing.

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