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Tianmai operating system development success, breaking the blockade of foreign similar products, to enhance the level of our country aviation weapon equipment independently, is the great achievement made in China on the basis of software development. In addition, Tianmai operating system also has compatible ability of VxWorks System, porting of VxWorks System application software, which makes Tianmai operating system used more widely.

aircraft is the core and foundation of airborne electronic equipment, and it is the key product of the flight safety, the technical requirement and the technical threshold are very high. So can achieve completely independent of airborne operation system, is often seen as the air battle equipment can be achieved independent of the standard one. If the airborne computer hardware system is the brain of the aircraft, then the aircraft operating system is the soul of the aircraft". Computing developed Tianmai operating system is a kind of airborne embedded operating system, in a sense, they are in the air battle equipment "casting the soul".

foresight create professional technical team

~ (th) century 1990s before, function of the airborne electronic equipment is relatively simple, the software scale is not big, application software directly management system of single function, small scale software and simple hardware. To the beginning of twenty-first Century, the complexity of airborne equipment increased, began to try to use the operating system. However, due to various reasons, the basic software research is limited to the teaching research, Research Institute, the use of foreign commercial operating system. In this process, the foreign software earned huge profits, and the application development of after-sales service by domestic staff responsible for, more serious is the use of commercial products problems found in the process of change, extended equipment function is impossible without a, what is more foreign commercial products did not foresee the production, for the security and development of the equipment brought a series of serious risk:

safe hidden trouble. As it is impossible for us to master foreign based software product code, technology and architecture, it is difficult to ensure the absolutely no logic "bombs" or "back door", it is difficult to guarantee whether the illegal intrusion, communication data leakage phenomenon.

heteronomy. On the opposite side of the foreign aviation equipment products to the imposition of the embargo, the and often excuses to avoid to solve the problem of application of the operating system, cost the state a lot of money, but in the version of the upgrade, service, and other aspects are still controlled by others.

is not conducive to the development of the industry. Rely on import seriously restrict the healthy development of China's operating system and related technologies, products, industry, is not conducive to the sustainable development of equipment.

as the only professional scientific research institutions engaged in airborne computer system, the calculation of airborne based software and hardware development has been in a leading position. From the mid 1990s, where computing for aviation equipment development and various types of computer, various airborne units equipped with operating system process, accumulated a great deal of studying and using experience, also on "core technology, master, software security uncontrollable" caused by the subject in the passive situation of unforgettable. Faced with the grim situation, the calculation has been in thinking, and determined to carry out the development of domestic airborne operating system software.

independently developed is a correct way to

burst out from time to time various software vulnerabilities and "back door" events, the aviation system safety risk is gradually exposed, information security and so on some major issues also began to cause the attention of the state and the military, the army also eager to use domestic operating system to replace foreign products. The calculation that independent development is an inevitable path, and that when the military thoughts agree without prior without previous consultation.

to make the goal to become a reality, can not do without the support of human, material, financial and technical support. For the calculation of the aircraft operating system to be developed, the situation at the time with the "difficult" to sum up a bit too much. On the one hand is the lack of funds, the development of a secure operating system the demand for funds when to "billion", when the military enterprises generally operating difficulties, survive Shangqie difficult to come up with a lot of money to develop software system for computing is more is not easy to; on the other hand, when domestic based software development has been the lack of attention to, although each industry are aware of the important foundation for software, but in practical application are more likely to buy foreign mature products. Although was several industries are developed in the operating system, but the product because of can't be put to practical use, resulting in project dismount or die.

although difficult, but for the calculations, they have a valuable asset, it is in the long term in the engineering practice and training and create a professional team. The team has a solid computer developed by professional ability, and profound understanding of the development of airborne software system, but also in hardship dare to face the challenges, indomitable fighting spirit. In the long-term work, they not only exercise the scientific research ability and the level of business and adhered to the airborne operation system development trend, and firmly to walk the road of independent development.

2002, initiated by calculation, driven by the air force general demonstration unit demand, and calculated the decided to self financing, deploy crack, a team of operating system development; in the development mode, and long-term professional operating system, the research of Beijing Coretek company powerful combination, with existing kernel based operating system development. < in after more than two years of time, joint development team on the basis of the existing kernel, in induce demand, architecture construction, optimize the kernel and other aspects of exploration and research, to Han Wei, Ye Hong and other experts as the representative of the airborne operation system development team in computing the beginning to take shape. In 2004, the calculated number of experts joint leading to the recommendations, requirements increase, the development of the operating system to support, when he was appointed director of the Luo Qiusheng resolute decision of the Research Office of the business were adjusted, "making money" task was stripped from the operating system lab, all body and mind to do the "software" of the craftsmen, effectively ensures the development team can focus their efforts and strive to develop. < p > from 2002 to 2006, without any external financial support and project traction calculation research team in the breakthrough of the operating system kernel based on, to meet the integrated module aircraft electrical system (IMA) demand as the goal, successfully broke through the time and space partition isolation and health monitoring technology, completed the partition operating system architecture and related technology research, formed the Tianmai prototype -- ACoreOS products -- and the installation verification. The results show that the basic availability of software products. But for such a key, core, basic software, people admired the courage and enthusiasm, but few people believe in the credibility of the product, resulting in products in the equipment has not been effective use.

bear the successful development of China's first independent project of software project

Tianmai operating system prototype. It is proved that the China independently developed the airborne embedded operating system with independent copyright is completely feasible, also proved that the calculation of the original adhere to be effective, are on the right path, to build a team is successful.

opportunities always favor those who are prepared. Team ushered in a historic opportunity for the development of national information system of self-control, in 2006 the State Council issued the the national long-term science and technology development plan (2006-2020) "," core devices, high-end chip and basic software and large aircraft, manned space flight etc. and has been listed as the national major projects, research and development of domestic fundamental software is provided to the national strategic level. Installed in the empty office under the leadership, calculation of the research team after two years of unremitting efforts, through various forms show determination, confidence and ability, shows the urgency of the airborne high security operation system, shows the electronics industry developed general software ambitions, showing the team already has a strong foundation for the. 2008, the aircraft operating system was formally approved by the state, which also means that the team in front of six years of work has been recognized by the state, the Institute also officially entered the national team of basic software product development. < in the heart of the development team, since elected to the national team, that is representative of the national, they on their proposed higher requirements: to safe for use in the equipment as a starting point, to develop the quality as the goal, completely replace the foreign related products. < p > equipment in accordance with the competent authority of "a set of index system, a set of management system, a set of specifications, a verification method" of the overall requirements, calculated as a development engineer units, in air force general demonstration under the guidance, and Coretek, Catic industrial Chengdu and other four units composed of project team, to carry out a comprehensive development.

product name "yimin". According to the demand, Yimin series of products is divided into 1 and 2 in yimin. Tianmai 1 operating system as the basic flat management mode and response ability, simple structure, high efficiency, widely used in a single application of electronic equipment, the country also has a research carried out in a number of units. And at that time the domestic need to have a new generation of integrated modular avionics system (IMA) characteristics, to meet the ARINC 653 standard time, space, robust partition protection operating system products. This product in addition to the realization of the basic task scheduling, equipment management and other functions, but also need to realize the partition management of time and space partition management, health monitoring, inter partition communication function, and the subject was in the domestic research is only a preliminary. And in addition to the ARINC 653 standard, also need strategies for achieving the blueprint configuration, fault tolerance, reconstruction of system management ASSAC defined and meet the needs of distributed ima system management framework, when in the country this is the blank area of research. But the realization of the IMA characteristics of the airborne electronic equipment is the only way for the development of our equipment, foreign Integrity/178B used by the IMA partition operating system to implement a strict embargo on me. < p > If ARINC 653 or ASSAC (France, Germany, Britain and the United States government established the United standard of avionics system architecture committee), through technical research can be a breakthrough, and achieve high security, high reliability of the software engineering method, process, and tools, the need for more long-term exercise, experience, gradually accumulate and perfect. Research team clearly recognize Tianmai operating system access to the national project is only the first step in the long march has completed, the major issues facing the next is to explore the what kind of software engineering methods, processes, and tools with IMA distributed system management frame, which is directly related to the success or failure of the project. < p > as China's first independent project to develop the core, general based software product, the development team after comparing the domestic and outside, inside and outside the army in the field of software standards and regulations, to meet the military software development norms, at the same time, through the comprehensive demonstration to determine the development route, war and technical index, technical standards and other significant and difficult problems. Team boldly introduce foreign mature civil aircraft, few domestic practice of civil aircraft software international standards of airworthiness, do-178b the airborne systems and equipment qualified validation software to consider. " The development team according to the characteristics of basic software, since the pressure, Tianmai operating system security level positioning for the highest a level, and in the verification of the internal development team fully independent practice do-178b, and accordingly formulate corresponding development principles and guidelines. Proved in the development stage of introducing airworthiness philosophy, formulated to meet the do-178b to the 66 goals of a software program, and in the demonstration and evaluation phases according to GJB strictly enforced. These are for Tianmai operating system to ensure product quality, high safety, high reliability of the target to the decisive role.

in the subsequent development process, the project technical team sincere cooperation, set intellectual research. In the technology, has to break the secure operating system architecture, partition of fault isolation, time / space isolation and configuration problems; break through the service function, resource allocation and the running state of the compatibility issues, so that the software has good compatibility and application software can be convenient transplantation. < p > in software engineering, project team to do-178b thought not to deviate, continued to optimize the process of project management, defines a software development process, strengthen reliability design, security design, robust design and harm analysis work; strengthen the verification method, the realization of the 100% verification based on requirements, statement, branch, MC / DC, OCA, indicators. < p > however, team's first practice do-178b method, the first software development model, because there is no experience, no reference or inevitably suffered a difficulty and the setback, the actual cost of time is three times the expected, funding is beyond the budget, is a more difficult process, there have been people doubt the country can strictly practical software airworthiness, whether they have the ability to independently developed high security operating system products. But the team with indomitable perseverance, indomitable drive, with air to serve the country's faith and the will to win confidence and after six years of hard struggle, complete, independent practice the idea of do-178b software airworthiness, the operating system are designed and completed.

product design after the successful completion of the mission of the national

software products according to do-178b complete internal independent testing, delivery software testing center of air force, in accordance with the General Armament Department approval of the development of the total requirements, by aviation products setting Committee organized and completed the evaluation of a series of products, including software testing machine, the ground bench test, the test, flight test and trial software testing and other five assessment content. This is the state of the software model products strict process requirements, 100% through the assessment of the software products can be officially put into use.

if it is a general application of airborne software development, these assessment is carried out with the system, will not cause everyone's attention. Application software assessment is generally determine the scene, in advance to be able to carry out the preview, the non software model projects do not need to carry out such a complex test verification. This assessment is due to the operating system, there is no application system, only in accordance with the highest level of system assessment: not determined scene, can only use the most complex and demanding, most likely to make the system "collapse" of the scene simulation operation; due to the aviation project, so we must comprehensive air combat simulation assessment in practice, large equipment.

in all these strict examination, the team has been calculated since the pressure, in order to more secure and reliable software products, their mustering strength, determined out through the national strict examination:

2010 in October, in 1 through the verification test and evaluation of air force software evaluation center;

2010 in November, 1 days through the aviation industry of the Chengdu Institute of integrated ground test;

2011 in December, 1 completed the China Flight Academy in a plane ground and flight test;

December 2011 1, Tianmai certified by the national organization, began to promote the use of.

2013 in January, Tianmai 2 completed the software testing center of air force to finalize the design of the evaluation;

2013 in January, Tianmai 2 complete the CATIC industrial Chengdu Institute of comprehensive ground test;

2013 in March, veins 2 complete the Chinese Academy of flight of an aircraft, ground and flight test;

2014 in June, Tianmai products completed the trial of several military units;

2014 in July, completed the Tianmai Tianmai 1 and 2 of the national stereotypes.

2014 in July, China aviation industry product styling Committee in Xi'an held a design review meeting, after rigorous review, team to achieve the their solemn commitment, to the party and the state to pay a satisfactory answer, also enables calculation of the operating system independent research and development of independent "dream. Successful development of

Tianmai airborne operation system, breaking the blockade of foreign similar products, enhance the capability of independent guarantee of our country aviation weapon equipment, provides the powerful guarantee for the information security of defense weapons and equipment, for our country on the basis of software of independent guarantee, independent development laid the foundation. Tianmai airborne operation system developed, is the great achievement made in China on the basis of software development, also make AVIC calculation has jumped to become well-known based software development company, to become the main force in the development of embedded operating system. < identification since the end of 2011, Tianmai operating system has been extended to the 39 units, has trained nearly 500 embedded developers, has been delivered to the user, nearly 1000 sets, has been widely used in various aviation and non aviation electronic equipment, relates to the military equipment, civil aircraft, locomotives, industrial control, intelligent transportation and other embedded electronic information equipment, has demonstrated a broad application prospects. Especially Tianmai 2 as currently the only partition operating system products, in the air inside and outside of a new generation of integrated electronic field has been effective application.

"Royal", a famous name. "Heaven" is the sky, where not only the birds fly freely in space, but also aviation gallop battlefield. "Pulse" is the vein, is also the main and collateral channels, is the human body function regulation and control system, it makes the human body each organ connection to become an organic whole. Airborne operation system, it is not the stalwart of the body, like electronic components as small, it like meridian, just do not see and touch, but is aircraft equipment on the flow of information platform, in the airplane has played a role in the central nervous.

"people can not Hony, go15. "In 10 years, with the development of airborne operation system in measure also grow up the a good airborne operating system development team, gave birth to the AVIC only a software chief expert, 3 software special experts, a software level experts. Tianmai team is a dream team, a have a sense of mission team, a dare to fight tough team, a vibrant team. The guarantee of this team, we have reason to believe that, Tianmai series products will be weighing a country as, for the national information security, equipment construction and national economy make greater contribution.

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