Pan Shiyi appeared in Chongqing to see the floor: the rumor again sold rumors run away

Pan Shiyi Chongqing rumor real estate

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"pan Chongqing Kanlou" denied "selling run away" rumors

Beijing November 2 Chongqing Xinhua (reporter Han Lu) 2, SOHO Chinese chairman Panshige appeared in Chongqing, the promotion of SOHO Chinese's share office brand SOHO3Q. Pan Shiyi again in Chongqing rumor "sell building foot" rumors, said, "we are heavier than the asset model to light asset model.". "

10 23", SOHO China Limited announced that it would sell SOHO for 4 billion 944 million yuan. After the completion of the transaction, SOHO China in Shanghai only SOHO Tianshan square, the Bund SOHO, SOHO square, SOHO East China Sea Plaza four projects.

"in the past few months, we've sold a few houses, so there's a lot of gossip telling us we're going to run. Where do I go?" We are from asset mode to asset light model. The model of heavy assets is to build houses constantly, and the mode of light assets is to make full use of the houses that have been built, which is our change. "Pan Shiyi said, SOHO China's move is in adapting to the new stage of real estate," for real estate, the house is used to live, not used to fry, this is new (stage). "

" in the past two years, we see the big trend, shared office must be the future trend. We are slowly watching, and now we see, especially when we go to the second tier cities, this habit has been reflected. From now on, we're going to start on a large scale, and that's a change in our business philosophy. "Pan Shiyi said. Compared with the traditional

office, SOHO3Q has the characteristics of the Internet, the tenant can complete orders, online payment, the lease can flexibly select the shortest one week, the longest one year, can choose to pay, pay monthly, quarterly. In addition, SOHO3Q provides free WIFI, tea, coffee, photocopying, printing and conference room with remote video functions, and also provides tenants with various possibilities to facilitate various activities. "We told the public record space is different, the public record space to do hatch, we do not. SOHO3Q chief operating official Level said.

in the past two years, the project has 19 centers nationwide, 17000 seats. Delivery after half a year can reach the appropriate rental rates, rental rate of over 85%. "Pan Shiyi said," SOHO3Q already has the ability to expand rapidly, it is time to "staking".

although SOHO3Q can be seen as SOHO China's heavy asset model to light asset model of "transformation", but Pan Shiyi said, SOHO3Q is still just a "test"". During the two years of operation, 4 of the 19 SOHO3Q centers have relatively poor performance, because the scale is too small.

"there are only two hundred seats in these centers, almost the same as the traditional office, and the number of people is about more than 100, and the opportunities for people to find resources and wisdom with each other are less. "Pan Shiyi said. Therefore, the SOHO3Q project expands a standard: no less than 800 seats, converted to almost 4000 square meters.

in Chongqing, Pan Shiyi team inspected the office building concentrated Monument for Liberation and Jiangbei mouth CBD two areas. "This is the preferred area of SOHO3Q in Chongqing. Fang Level said.

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