BMW car anger hot rub: your X is coming

BMW maximum power torque founder

qudongzhijia· 2017-11-03 14:15:16

11 3, iPhone X officially launched the world's attention. The traditional companies naturally will not miss the opportunity to rub hot, such as BMW.

is known to all, BMW's SUV models have been named X series, from X1, X3, X4 to X5, X6. Not long ago, BMW X7 road test spy positioning the highest exposure in china.

today, @ BMW Chinese administrative micro-blog issued a notice: " your X, coming soon. "The picture with concept map of BMW X7, suggesting that the new release is not far .

understand accordingly, X7 positioning BMW flagship SUV, opponents locked Mercedes Benz GLS class. The new car will be based on the CLAR platform to create, continue the latest design concept of the BMW family, using six design, support gesture control and other new technology .

" from the exposure of the road test spy photos, the overall size of the BMW X7 than X5 and X6 in a circle, the size of the front face of the founder, a large area of double kidney grille, PA gas. The vehicle contour is basically the same as the X7 concept car.

" BMW X7 domestic road test spy "img_box"

" BMW X7 power, the amount of postpartum will provide at least three power models, including X7, xDrive 40i 3.0L will be equipped with six cylinder double turbocharged engine, maximum power 250kW, peak torque of 450Nm. X7 xDrive 50i is equipped with 4.4L V8 dual turbocharged engine, the maximum power of 332kW, the peak torque 648Nm. There are expected to be mixed versions.


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BMW car anger hot rub: your X is coming

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