China another aircraft carrier with a knife guard face exposure

Frigate missile Chinese Navy exposure

tanbing· 2017-11-04 00:54:53

The current

, China major surface of the Navy warships, including a large number of service 056 corvettes, 054/A missile frigate, 052B/C/D missile destroyer, however, due to the China overall technical progress, China navy has ushered in the climax of the new generation technology.

" this is one of the most typical case, it is already built into the 055 ton missile frigate, dubbed "Asia's first ship" new stealth warships that will enhance the technical level of Chinese navy to a new height.

" but China Navy not only needs 055 such super battleship, and also need to use the collocation of a new generation of missile frigate, which is being developed in the 054B missile frigate.

" at present, although the outside world report on 054B is not much, but from the public data and information can be identified, the 054B missile frigate, basically there is, and would then soon edge appear in front of us.

" can know, is being developed China 054B frigate, will be a very stealth performance with the advantages of the new frigates, and Chinese has served 054/ a the frigate compared to 054B missile frigate in the design will get changed.

" message display, 054B frigate ship body is smooth, a whole long forecastle deck, square tail ship, after a ship and warship even as one of the helicopter hangar, the bow tilted greatly, and also above a breakwater, but can enhance the ship's stability, but also can effectively reduce the front deck wetness may be waves.

" while a large number of service 054A China Navy frigate, has made many breakthroughs in technology, but for Chinese for navy to dark blue, 054A displacement of 4000 tons the frigate, the comprehensive combat capability, it seems a bit thin.

" therefore, in order to strengthen the China sea in a new generation of missile frigate overall combat capability and ocean ability, Chinese 054B will certainly increase the overall design for the installation of more tonnage. The vertical launching unit, larger displacement, but also can improve the life of the crew and the combat environment, this for a long time at sea combat value class crew, is a very important index.

" in order to meet these demands, in improving its airworthiness standards at the same time, 054B missile frigate drainage amount should be more than 5000 tons, which makes the 054B frigate to improve their endurance and endurance basis, also can carry more fuel and ammunition, in line with the world frigate towards the development trend of large tonnage.

" as a new generation of sea Chinese Navy frigates, equipped with strong firepower is a must, therefore, 054B may be equipped with a new 76 mm stealth automatic gun the bow, equipped with a recent anti system, 1130 type ship equipped with a red sea 10 short-range air defense missiles, the central part can be equipped with 8 gold eagle 83 anti-ship missile, can also be equipped with 4 large gold eagle 12 anti-ship missile, missile vertical launching system is equipped with 054B 32 unit.

compared to 054A frigates, 054B missile vertical launching system can be equipped with a larger caliber, in addition to improved red flag 16 anti-aircraft missiles, anti submarine, air defense missile with small aperture can do, "a pit four bomb", increase in the number and types of missiles at the same time, but also greatly enhance the intensity of fire.

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