What are they talking about when they talk about the "next generation"?

NetEase second generation

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< p > "next generation" view source in Japan, as a game high quality high-quality label is widely used in the domestic game. At the end of the tour giant time, "next generation works emerge in an endless stream, it is often the mere self styled self praise, with the passage of time, and finally extinguished the player of the game's enthusiasm and expectations. />


, Netease recently new variety of MMO exposure, several are dubbed the "next generation" in the name, the coming of Netease game 520 love the festival days, according to usual practice also there will be the emergence of a large number of new. In this context, we are interested in the next generation of the NetEase's "second generation" attitude and sincerity.

is not a label, but the standard

finishing NetEase recently exposed MMO Mobile Games, we found from" the fate of the origin of "series of works started, regardless of whether the direct propaganda hit the next generation, the next generation of more or less performance characteristics. Research nodes may be able to give us some inspiration. Age of the tour at the end of the < />

, we in the evaluation of a game for the next generation, usually will see model quality is improved, light, weather, picture, play, sound, etc. to the technical parameters of the next generation. Visual performance, particle effects, fluid life, bone movements, physical collisions, to be true, real light and so on.

according to the grape Jun and Netease development personnel contact to understand, "next generation" within the Netease is often referred to, and become an important benchmark to measure the picture of the performance of the game, such as the character is next generation effect, and that which is not, there seems to be a clear definition.

of grapes Jun specially interviewed on the origin of the fate of art, he believes that the next generation performance is more complex system, first of all characters and scenes use normal map can show more details, real-time physical light and material HDR system is more realistic, collision physics, dynamic hair, real-time weather, HD picture frame rate and high resolution, motion capture or other. "Origin of destiny" uses the function of normal map, real-time illumination, dynamic light source, physical collision, weather change and so on.

we can clear to see changes in the game characters in the next generation effect, both the production process is very different, the ordinary role model -uv- map can, role to complex model - (ZBrush) topology and high modulus modulus and low -uv- texture material process. Therefore, not only the amount of pre production, the second generation in the late period of the whole system adjustment and optimization process are longer, the production cycle and cost is 2-5 times the ordinary game.

next generation game characters before and after comparison

regression, picture is only the first step

is usually said to the next generation, we first thought is the art technology, For example, engine, face number, map (normal, color, high light), motion capture, physics, etc.. Different times, different technical requirements. "Fate" of the use of the NetEase from the research engine NeoX production, after the development of the "town of magic," and so on, in order to achieve the effect of hand travel times, a lot of new features to do the development and technical breakthroughs. NeoX engine, but also in the development of continuous evolution. />

but in the understanding of the grape, the king and the meaning of next generation than art performance is much broader, any previous generation is not up to can say for the next generation, including play, experience and other comprehensive advanced.

for example, in order to not only ensure the player's world of feeling, and to ensure optimal performance of the next generation of fine effect. "On the origin of fate" also used a lot of ingenuity, such as unique place into the fight way, so players in the battle map, not transmitted into the other copy but autochthonous monster, fight. The scene is changed.

also, we also see the stub copy, villain of the gods and the big boss of Pegasus mounts limb means more complex modeling. There is the maximum amount of information from the perspective of fighting, in the process of fighting, the use of information entropy method, the calculation of the angle, automatic rotation, to ensure that the player's perspective can be as much as possible to see the monster. Next generation may bring the adaptation and optimization problem facing

. They take the resources more important information display, using a full range of times material on character and reduce the attack effects, material performance. At the same time for the more distant objects, using LOD mode, and the number of players in a large number of MMO main city, reduce the number of players displayed on the same screen. />

on the domestic market of MMO for almost uniform have heavy IP near the body, like the "fate" of the origin Species without MMO's IP is very rare. And not only did not engraved classic end tour IP, in the theme choice also abandoned the country people are familiar with the ancient rivers and lakes, but use future theme. Within the game tells the story of the myths and legends and future world interwoven story, full of loved by the European and American market elements, such as Prometheus and other mythological figures, and word of the multi-agent technology, Netease MMO tour in future theme for the first time to try to. />

"destiny origin" together with "Tianxia II" and "world 3" rich experience in the development of elite team, precipitation of 10 years, the development and operation of the RPG game, to ensure the high-quality games and playability, and marvel, Disney signed artist to join, as the future of the world to create a personality extraordinary heroes role. Production process of

game by domestic and international version of production at the same time, take the text. All text prompts the TID, program directly read, direct replacement, will follow in different regions interactively adjust and optimize, intended to publishers in the world. />

breakthrough and innovation, what is the next era of

which literally means the next generation time, remove the existing framework of game technology combined with lean promotion, disruptive technology innovation and the game brings more imagination. The origin of fate, as we all know, is the first to support the VR as the first tour of the NetEase.

VR this category to bring fun core changes. One is from the perspective of the RPG, and the scene more close contact and relationship between NPC, monsters and more realistic ultra reality experience, sense of substitution and the immersion feeling will be different from the past. Two from the MMO perspective, it can be expected that the large change in the interaction between the players. Communication mode, real time athletics, the public will play and can bring what pattern? What are the changes in various emotional ties and social relations? Existing exposure of demo VR, we also find it difficult to see too much. The next generation is always beyond imagination. Wait and see. />

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