Terrorist monuments: abandoned military facilities around the world are like ghost towns

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dingshengjunshi· 2017-11-04 10:35:35

German photographer Dietmar Eckel spent 12 years in the world for their military equipment and facilities were abandoned; during which he visited 16 countries, took hundreds of photos. Pictured is the military abandoned at an airport in Ukraine. (class=: class=, img_box, id_imagebox_1, =''>

) is a small fortress on the coast of Philippines,

, is the abandoned Soviet radio telescope in the city of russia. (from: military)

" for the Mariana Islands on the abandoned American airport runway. (from: military)

" for the Second World War the British built tower, it is mainly used for air strikes against Germany (from: military)

" figure for Yugoslavia military aircraft bunker, more than 3 km runway directly into the mountains, it can accommodate 1000 people in there for 30 days. (from: military)

" in Latvia has built a large bunker, now abandoned. (from: military)

is pictured in North Dakota these mysterious buildings are early American missile air defense system is a part of the remains. (from: Dingsheng military)

map is the submarine base built by NATO in the middle of Norway mountain. (from: Dingsheng military)

, the American Sherman tank on the coast of Saipan. (from: military)

Dietmar Eckel division visited the abandoned military facilities as they are now ghost town, people fear the monument. (from the heyday military)

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