Just now, another Chinese enterprise shocked the world

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21caijingsousuo· 2017-11-04 10:44:18

beat Microsoft, Facebook, Google!

won the three world first!

is a Chinese enterprise shocked the world!

in the just concluded International Conference on computer vision, open technology comprehensive rolling Microsoft and Facebook and Google, all MSCOCO (common object recognition) and Places contest all seven challenges of in the first three, became the first winner of China enterprises.

vision technology in the "visual system" AI field, similar to "supernatural power" in general global martial arts hegemony, thus established!

are more shocking than the fact that the joy of seeing technology is not only this one! Huashan mountain, then, open technology ushered in the great victory of Xiangyang — &mdash ; its C round of financing, financing amounting to US $460 million, refresh the world record of the AI field of single round of financing!

this shows that the capital market is optimistic about the development prospects, how open optic technology.

however, in the face of all this, open technology founder and CEO odd India are still. He said: "we do not need external funds to help, and what we value is that every round of financing has strategic resources.". The lead investor is a country venture with the background of state owned assets. The business related to the national strategy is expected to be supported; ants are in financial innovation; Foxconn is also the most cattle company in the field of hardware.

India Qi calm, is commendable. You know, he was in the open as technology is only 26 years old, now has only 29 years old. Was the Yangtze River bring forth the new through the old, Ren Zhengfei, Ma Yun and Ma Huateng have qualified successors!

let the machine grow eyes,

, Microsoft, Facebook, Google and other giants why fight for the commanding heights of AI vision technology? Why do you prefer open capital technology?

after all, because AI vision technology is too important, too wide development prospects. It is the basis of machine understanding the world, is an important engine for the future development of AI.

we all know, human understanding of the world of information in 91% from vision. Artificial intelligence to realize "deep learning", and people like the world, first of all have to open eyes to see the world. But as the technology Kuang six years as one day to do this thing, is to let the eyes of artificial intelligence.

now, the technology has been used in front of face recognition, and record brilliant!

like electronic account management, money transfer, payment of tax, housing provident fund, pension, social security certification, industry qualification examination, the necessary in people's life, face recognition technology by using open technology people, as long as the brush face, blink can solve. Alipay

brush face payment concept behind, for it is open as the technology of the face recognition technology.

" so you see, Ma dare to say: the future as long as there is a Alipay, you don't have to take the wallet or to take mobile phone, brush face can eat! after all, or because the technology of face recognition technology as a support.

this video tells us: with the development of open technology of face recognition technology, mobile phone can be eliminated even in the future. The era of eating by face is really coming!

in the field of public security, the technology of face recognition are also significant magical powers. some time ago, Kuang technology for the Shenyang subway station to provide face recognition, on-line 27 hours, there are two Internet fugitives were caught.

open as the technology of face recognition technology of computer, face detection precision and speed of the flow of people coming and going, in one second can be hundreds of thousands of data real-time photos and public security fugitives online within the database is calculated. Once the escaped convict is found, the alarm system in the police room will be sounded instantly, and on the computer screen, the information of the fugitives on the net, fugitives number, portrait photos and other information will be displayed.

, someone might ask, what if the client makes up? If it's very common, what about the masses?

, in order to ensure that the face payment is foolproof, set up a strict control strategy in front of the technology, such as portrait data desensitization, infrared binocular camera and front-end data watermarking steganography technology. God even if you make-up, public face and red, like escape piercing eye!

is more capable of self learning of artificial intelligence: even when you sleep, the machine is also reading the faces of people all over the world. According to the report, in order to accurately identify the face, the machine has been tens of millions or even hundreds of millions of faces.

, that is to say, with the development of science and technology as open vision technology, machine side all our in the future, as long as you are willing, will grow eyes, freely cognition of the world, "see the world", the establishment of model, take action.

this world, will therefore dramatically change.

faster than humans?

, artificial intelligence (AI) revolution has come true!

for now, artificial intelligence is heading

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