Look, Ma Yili's got a Yuan Quan haircut

Ma Yili Yuan Quan Z

tanzi· 2017-11-04 13:59:18

recently, some netizens took photos of Ma Yili coming out of the airport, wearing a round tide sunglasses, simple white shirt with dark jeans.

just attended the Wuzhen Theatre Festival, Ma Yili back, see the mood is very good, in the face of the lens has been smiling state.

" and compared to the airport she always wore slippers appeared obviously, the other also has many beautiful eyes.

, but there are careful Netizens found that the horse commander hair is swollen?

's hair seems to be long now, and with the round sunglasses, the whole face becomes strange. The netizen comments

": "hair and Yuan Quanchang like" the sisters to have a haircut like roar.

" there are friends laugh Ma Yili said: "this is obviously up to wave ah ~"

" ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

but Ma Yili always seems to be in a bad shape at all times. Before and girlfriends Yuan Quan magazine, relaxed and capable of short hair is Mei mei.

" for filming abruptly curled into play under instant noodles head, wearing a vest and slippers plus a roll of instant noodles, is really kind of Goddess aunt vu.

, and all kinds of extremely messy Lou (Chou) short hair.

" Oh, my god. Although

said that the impression, Ma Yili short hair sometimes elusive, but a few days long hair styling really has been beautiful to oh!

" to participate in the activities of Ma Yili, day dressed in black color dress, a black ponytail, feel the people are shining, good to see oh!

", "id=", and "white", which looks gentle and temperamental!

no wonder netizens guess: "Ma Yili must have wanted to keep long hair recently."! "

so wait a minute, and soon you'll see beautiful long hair, Ma Yili.

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