After iPhone X disassembly, expose the big killer

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dongdiankeji· 2017-11-04 19:07:32

, the whole smart phone industry, are concerned about the industrial design of iPhone X. But only after the real retail sale, can we get a glimpse of what it looks like. At the same time, many consumers are waiting for the most it repair how?

from the perspective of industrial design appearance, some design elements of this product is a bit like the original iPhone. But the latter is thinner and stronger. There are a lot of breakthroughs in this design.

we can see the reduced motherboard, and the two lithium battery designs. At the same time, the speaker is transferred to the lower position. Obviously, in the design of the motherboard, apple uses a stack design, can also be understood as stacked structure, there is little smart phone factory commercial this technology. IFixit separated the two motherboard, and found that the total area of the iPhone X motherboard is 135% of the area of the iPhone Plus 8 motherboard area.

, in addition, the biggest breakthrough comes from the design of the battery. We can see that the iPhone X uses a unique dual battery design with a basic information of 10.35 Wh (2716 Ma, 3.81V). For comparison, the iPhone 8 Plus battery is 10.28Wh, and Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is 12.71Wh. So, this is by far the largest battery capacity of iPhone. The secret to do this is: the size of the iPhone X motherboard is about 70% of the iPhone 8 Plus motherboard, which frees up more space for the battery.

, iFixit iPhone X gives the repairability score of 6 (out of 10), one of the most easy to replace the iPhone X screen and battery, and the good news is broken display can be replaced, no need to remove Face ID components.

now the biggest suspense is that this apple has great expectations of the new machine, whether it can get hot in the market.

iPhone X disassembly after exposing the big killer: stacked motherboard and double-layer battery, from the fixed point technology.

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