A distressed fan Jiang Xin: don't give me Shengmei money!

Jiang Xin Fan Shengmei

yulexingtiandi· 2016-05-13 01:48:50

< p > this two days guarding Dragon TV, see the "Ode to joy" small partners happy up, have on the microblogging brush up a called # distressed fan Shengmei # topic, micro letter more is enthusiastic small partners to into the Fan Shengmei "financial distress" extending a helping hand.

reason well, actually very simple, is this two days "Ode to joy" in Faenza plays fan Shengmei really too poor a!

she is well versed in the workplace but the traditional code of conduct, the sisters Taoxintaofei warm heart sister ~

;" but with the push it step by step, fan wins the beauty of the shortcomings of the body was gradually enlarged down

because of his pride and vanity, she does not hesitate to people who care about her abusive, show a good image of the said half of the cumulative the collapse will collapse until the two day ~

fan Shengmei parents on the line, the original design of collapse Fan little sister is rekindled the audience's dismay!

patriarchal parents NaBH

provoke is non brother NaBH

incompetent cunning sister-in-law NaBH

fan under the "I I am weak rational, you are strong you deserve it" the gangster logic and "vampire" image to play to the extreme!

has always been strong and courageous fan Shengmei first with the "weak woman feeling, no conditions, no background alone to fight hard in big cities, but also helping deadbeat brother, Fan Xiao Mei heart pain and helpless, deepening ~

fortunately fan girl's side has a group of good sisters, her spiritual world did not thoroughly collapse, a bowl of chicken soup, feel the warmth, a little care, will know how to be grateful.

Home endless for parents, cruelty, let sister fan of reality low head ~

strong self-esteem she has gradually deviated from the track" ~

it pours, fan father sudden cerebral hemorrhage, surgery need money ~ actually, only You need to mortgage brother's house can be immediately to do surgery, but her mother is still trying to put about one hundred thousand of the debt pressure on Fan Shengmei a person!

see here, and most of the audience as Xiaobian control not to live in primitive, want to please the emoticon packs the NaBH

speak really ~ fan Shengmei my mother provoke people hate the degree did not lose the Daming Lake, let mother ah! < br style = "max-width: 100%; box-sizing: border box! Important; word-wrap: break-word! Important;" />
fortunately, all this is occurring in the TV series, in the critical moment fan Shengmei side total a heart strong good sisters, small already can not wait to want to see behind the reversal! NaBH

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