100 days after Li Wenxing's death: my sister dared not go out

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100 days

10 23 April, frost, the death of his brother in 100 days. This day, Li Wenyue painted eyebrows, lipstick, delicate makeup to cover the four in the morning wake up tired. She was wearing a white striped sweater, black skirt and stockings, outside there is a sleeveless cloak, in the rush of people, the patent high heels against the light, especially different.

Dezhou City Jiefang Road on the Construction Bank had just opened the door, Li Wenyue carrying a bag and went in, the bag is equipped with his ID card, bank card, cremation certificate, she wants to find out his brother the final days of the bank card transfer records. The staff politely received her, but because of the lack of drowning that she had failed.

brother is directly employed by Boss to find a job, but in the MLM organization, finally drowned. He died in 100 days, the survey results have not come out. Li Wenyue had been looking for her, and she wanted to know who killed her brother, and she wanted to give an account to her brother.

at this time, the Lee family living in a result of unknown and prolonged pain. Most of the time, this pain is not reflected in the face, but in secret ways exist. His family show maximum restraint, only in a few moments, the mood suddenly out of control.

Li in Dezhou under the jurisdiction of a Chuang-tzu. The western end of the village, half acres around the yard there are three tile roofed house, courtyard, hold a tractor import. This day is a hundred days. Family to do a table, to pay homage to the dead.

bamboo strip Steamed Buns drawer end table is the staple food, each equipped with a bowl of melon pork stew vermicelli, a man in the hall to eat, a woman in the back room to eat, not to drink.

's brother's passport photo. Figure /AI financial agency Wang Hongyu

's father Li Dongping just finished his work, Adidas pants on fake grey with a lot of soil nails, still did not wash the black mud, he picked up a piece of Steamed Buns, broke off a small, dipped in wax gourd soup into the mouth.

this day lunch, always interrupted footsteps and cry. Aunt, uncle, to send him to the paper, according to the local custom, the old do not give small grave, so they put the paper here.

came to the woman at home, the paper on the ground, and went to the back room to watch Li Wenyue's mother. Lee mother bristling long gray ponytail, spine is not good and she could see near the neck pulled a cupping mark. They met and began to wipe tears, stood in the back room to cry, not loud, not much consolation, Lee family for sorrow has some habits.

Mid Autumn Festival, Li Wenyue and parents three people, did not eat moon cake, save the moon cake cut into a few pieces of trouble. Li Wenyue watch carefully, she worried about her mother. But halfway through the meal, mother cried, and Li Dongping continued to cry. Li Wenyue sat aside and kept silent.

tears never left the house. Li Dongping asked Steamed Buns chewing, sitting opposite the child's uncle: "how recently no news? "

son after the accident, he every day, holding the brush mobile phone news, search the name of the son of Baidu, always jump out of the" College "MLM rescue news, he did not want to see the event processing results. Many villagers asked him how much compensation they had, and they didn't believe that a human life was gone.

concerns last week, Li Wenyue went to Jinghai, want to know more news. After her brother died, the family had a strong fear of the outside world, her mother worried about the safety of Li Wenyue, the husband who asked her to work in Beijing must accompany the whole process.

's parents were so concerned about Li Wenyue that this was their only child. As long as Li Wenyue is unable to go home, she has to send her place to her parents, and her mother will ask her friends to pick up the phone.

once, she lived with a friend when charging the mobile phone to sleep. The second day morning, she found that the mobile phone was ringing off the hook. The two old people couldn't get the news of their daughter at night, and stopped a car from the village to Dezhou, and looked for the address they had sent before, until the second day, the daughter called back.

for this tight custody, married Li Wenyue, some dissatisfaction: "I'm too big, you are so strict with me?" When Li Dongping heard this, he was in a hurry. "Don't tell me, do you think there will be no need to grow up? If your brother had pipe pipe tightly, the end of such a fate? "

Li Wenyue can understand the mood of the old man.

today, the puddle brother has been drowned up around the building board, Li Wenyue climbed in through the cracks under the building board. She looked at the small pool, unable to figure out his own brother, how the first 985 famous college students drowned in this village.

for the family, this problem is very difficult to find the answer. But the last scene of parting stung them, and the intense pain was deep in their hearts.

the sun shines through the glass into the house, but it can not dispel the fear of the family
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