Nearly five years of naval ships, creating amazing "Chinese speed""

The Chinese Navy destroyers supply ships Navy

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2012~2017 launched China inventory naval ships, creating a remarkable "Chinese speed"

"eight King Kong" into the new era of naval power

over the past 5 years, China in comprehensive national strength in the context of continuous improvement, technological innovation and transformation ability, defense industry strength significantly enhanced, thus created a remarkable "China" speed "Chinese manufacturing".

in the "China speed" and "China manufacturing", the development of China Navy much attention at home and abroad. According to industry statistics, more than 5 years, China Navy under construction and launching outfitting, serving more than 800 thousand tons gross tonnage ship.

media commentary said, 5 years to help the Chinese Navy running forward, it is to China's aircraft carrier, 055 large destroyer, 052D destroyer, represented by the eight king kong. It is because of their water and service, really will China Navy into a new era.

power jack: China dual carrier

2012" in September 25th, China first aircraft carrier Liaoning ship officially delivered to the navy in the China Shipbuilding Industry Corp of Dalian shipyard. On the same day, the official handover ceremony will be held in Liaoning, officially delivered China naval ship. Liaoning ship, with a displacement of about 60 thousand tons, is Chinese Navy's first aircraft equipped with fixed wing aircraft carrier, the predecessor of the Soviet Navy Admiral Kuznetsov class aircraft carrier Varyag ship second.

in the accumulation of rich experience in design and construction, China Navy base in Liaoning ship, developed the first domestic aircraft carrier construction. In April 2017 second, Chinese naval aircraft in Dalian shipyard launched China Shipbuilding Industry Corp. It is reported that the new aircraft carrier, based on the Soviet Union Kuznetsov class aircraft carrier, China Liaoning ship on the research, self improvement research and development, is China's true sense of the first domestic aircraft carrier. Foreign media said, compared with the Liaoning ship, the new carrier with a displacement of 70 thousand tonnes, than the former enlarged about 10%, the flight deck area than Liaoning ship 15% hangar 20% amplification, amplification, these initiatives so that the new aircraft carrier can carry more of a fighter.

epoch-making ships: 055 large destroyer

2017" in the morning of June 28th, Chinese Navy's first 10000 ton big drive - type 055 destroyer ship heroic debut in the world. Compared with the main destroyer type 052C/D destroyer of Chinese Navy, type 055 destroyer has crossed a number of models, and the launching and service of the destroyer will be of epoch-making significance.

055 destroyer is not only larger than 052D, but also larger than the Korean Navy's KDX-3 destroyer, even greater than the Russian Navy's glorious class cruiser. Large displacement means large capacity, which lays the foundation for 055 large destroyers to load various types of weapons and command and combat systems. As professor of National Defense University real China soldier said, Japan and the United States, compared with the level of the destroyer, we may now be in the technical level is not bad, but if the displacement difference 1/3, loading capacity and sustained combat capability will be influenced, and this point is Chinese Navy the next development direction. Burke, the United States Japan diamond class missile destroyer displacement of hundreds of thousands, is the truth.

: Chinese aegis destroyer 052D

2014 in March 21st, Chinese Navy's new missile destroyer ship Kunming ship held a launch ceremony, officially joined the people's Navy South Sea Fleet China. As a new generation of main Chinese Navy Missile Destroyer, missile destroyer 052D is the type 052C destroyer, and equipped with a phased array radar and vertical launch area air defense missile system of modern air defense destroyer. Ship Kunming ship in March 2014 since the surrender of China navy ship, regardless of its type, the main gun system, or phased array system VLS, are much outside attention, the natural world is the focus of every act and every move.

has attracted much attention, mainly based on the strong carrier protection capability of this type of ship, while radar and weapons are the key to the protection function of this type of ship. According to Russian media reports, 052D destroyer combines 346 type "longan" active phased array radar with type 518 L band radar. Russian experts said, "longan" can detect F-35 fighters and all types of active missile Navy, advanced performance. In terms of missile loading, American media said that the new vertical launcher launched by the 052D destroyer fully embodies the flexibility of carrying weapons and the diversification of operational tasks.

close in daring vanguard: 056 Corvette

Tongren ship type

056 frigate is Chinese Navy in 2012 and launched a new generation multirole frigate displacement of 1500 tons, the level of ship by V, deep sea Long bridge shape. Airworthiness is good, can provide a larger space ship. At the same time, using stealth design, ship body floating, superstructure inward, forming a line through the ship and ship, on the surface of the equipment such as boat,

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