Media: India's "anti-terrorism requirements" blocked discontent, but threw his anger to China

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huanqiuwang· 2017-11-04 20:15:29

map: after the Indian Army [

] in the global network of military comprehensive coverage of the armed organization "Mohamed army" leader Masood included in the sanctions list for the use of technical maturity, 1267 Committee of the UN Security Council still failed to reach a consensus. 2, China Foreign Ministry spokesman confirmed the news, India with anger at the Chinese. The India Times reported on 3 that India and the United States are considering the next option to pierce China's "terrorist shield"".

on the 3 day of the press conference, the spokesman of India Ministry of foreign affairs Kumar said, "I think a country to other countries impede consensus does not mean that we will stop the counter-terrorism efforts, India will continue to fight terrorism and like-minded countries. "The India times" said that Kumar's statements at China. He said India has the highest level Chinese government put forward this problem. A day earlier, Kumar on behalf of the India Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a tougher statement. The India Express reported that India said it was "very disappointed" to the Chinese decision, accusing it of being short-sighted and counterproductive.

in the oral expression of discontent at the same time, India began pondering the other way. "India express" reported that India Prime Minister Modi and President Trump agreed that Indian and American officials will conduct the first dialogue on counterterrorism cooperation in December, when Masood's column name issue will be included. A source said: "we will reach US Secretary of state Tillerson during a visit in accordance with the agreement to promote this. According to the India times, India also wants to be supported by the United Nations Security Council's 1267 Committee in the light of the list of other terrorist leaders identified by the Pakistan intelligence agency. For example, the Masood brothers included a list of sanctions. Ma Su

for a Chinese Delie, Ministry of foreign affairs more than once stand that China has proposed to use technology, the purpose is to give the Committee and the relevant parties to further consultations to set aside more time to maintain the authority and effectiveness of the listing committee. At present, there are different views on the issue committee. China is willing to continue under the resolutions of the Security Council and the 1267 committee rules with other parties to maintain communication and coordination.

India Press Trust 3 reported that after blocking Masood's column name, China said it was ready to work together with India to promote bilateral relations continue to progress. Reported that China's Assistant Minister of foreign affairs Daniel Chan said that China cherished the relationship with India and stressed the unremitting efforts made by China to promote bilateral relations. India Press Trust quoted Beijing people as saying that Wang Yi, China's foreign minister, will visit India next month to participate in the three Sino Indian foreign ministers' meeting. When will China and India to discuss bilateral relations next stage. (Yi Jian newspaper correspondent in India)

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