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  key concern

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on the process of (by ordinal order)

        1 counter rotating sliding   low lever or touch base after absorbing library will have a

          2   &nb rotary sliding; Sp; the state is short

        3 incomplete rolling    

          or is   for example in rolling; high strength rod ball will slide and idle

        & nbsp; 4 complete rolling; rolling forward is completely dependent on

        5 style= stop

  & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp;

  & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; in the process of cue ball travel, Taiwan's Nylon friction will automatically for the cue ball increase rotation or use the cue ball existing reverse or multiple rotation. The simplest example, we shot, TCC basically normal at a distance of 1 meter will let the cue ball with forward rotation impact with the object ball will have high lever effect.

        narrow said stun bar method, that is to let the ball impact player stopped on the target near the ball game (stop because most of the power to the object ball, but not It's because it's just not so fast. Want to do this result first requires the white ball and the target ball into the pocket angle is very small, so you can use the stun rod method to make the white ball stopped in the vicinity.

  & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; generalized the stun bar method, that is let the cue ball in without rotation or only a rotary planing state impact with the object ball.

  & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; in the broad sense definition can let us understand the essential meaning of stun, narrowly defined is let us from the practical point of view to understand the stun bar method use. We are talking about the stun rod method in the narrow sense is concerned with the type and use of stun rod method.

stun bar method

        ball : midpoint and midpoint midline ball, not higher than the midpoint, cover the stun point at the midpoint below a head position is because in general distance and general strength next, the hitting point will stun effect, but with the hitting distance and the force of different hitting point Can be properly adjusted.

  & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; principle of hit < / strong >: like with the general definition, need through the distance, intensity and hit RBI interaction under, so that the cue ball in without rotation or only a rotary planing state hit object ball. The state needs a lot of practice in order to realize, the ball in the process to imagine the cue ball in advance in the process of the state, go to the custom and seize the rotating and sliding state short critical point, once every time after hitting the judgment of this critical point is clear, you can know what distance what forces hit something a bit, not only can hit stun rod method, appropriate adjustments to the power and position, can also be played deceleration rod and other bar method.

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