The mother in the water trillion, prices will go up?

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core tips: half a month, the central mom to the market transfusion trillion, is not the big water back again? Is house price going up again? Cannot read behind the central mother water, many people will become fodder of changing times.

has more than a month to go in 2017, but there is a huge doubt that may end this year, and there will be no final conclusion. The

controversy seems far away from us, but it has a huge impact on our lives and investment.

we often say that the past ten years, the most profitable way is real.

we have wondered why so real money? One of the most important reasons is that after the 2008 economic crisis, the world entered the era of water, our mother also crashed a lot of money.

these huge amounts of money have rushed into the property market, and promote housing prices soaring, the house between buy and sell, someone's net worth soared ten times.

from this point of view, all real money is actually the central mother drain money.

also because of this, mom central drainage efforts are seen as the benchmark prices rise. So, many people are concerned about the prices will rise, will go to see the central mother still have to continue to turn on the water.

central mom did not continue to turn on the water, this is a mystery since this year the biggest.

someone said that the central mother did not release the water, the reason is that banks are crying out of money, mortgages and other interest rates are getting higher and higher, the money is more expensive; some people say that the central mother is still on the water, the reason is that prices are still rising. Which of the following statements is true of

? Let's start with a bunch of data.

01 half a month money trillion

" the central mother's love, is rushing money, the last half month the central mother loving a little fierce.

10 month 17 to October 20th, the mother of the net for 4 consecutive days, the cumulative net investment of 560 billion yuan, the largest net investment since mid January scale.

it's not over yet. After a weekend, in October 23rd and 24th, the mother continued to invest 280 billion yuan. 6 consecutive trading days, the cumulative net invested 840 billion yuan mom.

6 840 billion days, enough, yet. Until October 31st, a period of 15 days, the central mother a total net invested 10700 yuan.

someone might not understand what net investment is, net investment is the money that goes into the market after the expiration of the money, that is to say, the money added to the market.

half a month the central mother inside the market has added trillions, you say this is not called the water?

02 water dispute

only from the data, really let people have a return to the big water age. But

, every day in the country call to leverage credit really shrink, just talk about it?

to answer this question, we must understand the central mother half month money trillion on what is the reason.

is on the first day of central bank's massive money spread in October 17th, and the ten year Treasury yield has hit a new high since April 2015.

knows that the ten year Treasury yield represents a long-term benchmark interest rate, and even the benchmark interest rate has risen so much that other interest rates will rise.

sure enough, then Shibor, which represents the benchmark lending rate between banks, is going up all the way, and it still keeps rising today.

these benchmark interest rates rise, which means that the market funds more tense, and then panic began to impact the stock market and the bond market.

10 month 30 days, stocks flash collapse limit, shares bonds double play nightmare again staged a groaning.after market.

put the replay for everyone to see, is to make you think about one thing: to throw money at the central mother in the market is still afraid of rising interest rates, why?

bluntly, is two words: money, but money is very kind. Otherwise, why the central mother side money market side Dutch act?

this is why the mother of the central government has invested trillions of dollars in just half a month, and it doesn't work without money. After all, we should keep the bottom line of systemic risk.

now with a trillion, the market has been silent, but who knows what is the next time? This story has been staged several times this year.

then again, the 1 trillion is called the water?

can be said to be water, it can be said is not water. That is water, money and really badly, this point can not be denied.

said that the water is not forced, but also forced to be reluctant to stop, at least from the strength of the water to see, has been from the extent of the money scattered to stabilize the market level.

also, the mother has a new feature of water release, that is, "shorten the length", increase the operation of 63 days period, reduce the water discharge of 7 days and 14 days.

means money every day is not possible, since only up to two months to send back a warm.

central mother doing so, in fact, is also time to change space, hoping to slowly let the market digest the lack of money market sentiment, adapt to the lack of money in fact, in order to strive for greater space in the future.

in other words, the mother has not put the sluice gate closed, just to narrow

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