Game demo game player | nostalgia will love the "world" pixel wind struck infectious panic


265G· 2016-05-13 01:52:16

in creating the overall picture of the tour, The play has a strong pixel style, for nostalgia players is a very good set.

in the game, players play is a mad scientist, because see the human built industrial sites for the destruction of nature, decided to punish, rushing launched their latest development of the zombie virus in the world!

as a scientific research; personnel, rich black technology laboratory is certainly essential, after all, in the development of the times, the virus must also follow the trend, to improve the ability of expanding, wow, zombie enhanced lesions after the spread of the virus spread scope and increase the amount of virus carried, as to how to choose, is ~

battle is needless to say, After all, we are the spread of the virus, only in densely populated areas dropped a bomb on the virus, the other to change after the zombies, while similar to the agents are immune to the virus will be infected, but will become the super zombies, there are disadvantages of ~

overall," spread panic in the world "one anti normal salvation, players in the game play more is a destructive role to release inner pressure suppression of the players is a very good choice.

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