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review: as one of the well-known universities in the United States is relatively high, UIUC gave everyone the impression is: corn University, Chinese giant, under God school. But go ridicule ridicule, people's engineering is very strong, do not believe you to look at the new USNews national professional ranking, UIUC engineering ranked as follows: CS fourth, EE sixth, fifth, mechanical engineering, environmental engineering, materials engineering, Fifth Third mechanical engineering fifth, have to be amazing?! On the evening of

11 1, we also invited UIUC, a professional CS major from Dylan, to share a wonderful WeChat group. We will organize the main content of this lecture into a text version, hoping to help you better understand UIUC.



Q1: first of all, we should talk about the application. What's your academic background when you apply for it?

TOEFL 106, old SAT2310 (2400), AP has calculus, BC, chemistry, physics, electromagnetism and physical mechanics, and two economic

Q2: what are your main extracurricular activities?

extracurricular activities rarely, mainly wrote two mathematical Paper

Q3: you choose the school of what factors?

I think on the Department of Applied Mathematics, so when the application is mainly to see the top 10 professional and mathematical reality of several schools, also applied to several base schools, such as UIUC and PSU

Q4: your letter of recommendation which is the teacher to write? Do you personally feel that the letter of recommendation is a big role?

is a math teacher in our school to write, from now on, if not academic Daniel what effect

Q5": what COMMON your documents and additional documents were written?

my COMMON document is to write my interest in mathematics, additional documents mainly wrote why I apply for Applied Mathematics and why their applications of mathematical interest like

Q6: why do you think you will be admitted to UIUC?

because of the high marks,

Q7: what kind of students do you think will be more easily accepted by the school? Or the characteristics of UIUC, suitable for what kind of student application?

I think UIUC is a very engineering school, especially for students who want to study CS and ECE majors, and business, and recently, business school has just received a $150 million donation. (money means doing.)

Q8": in the application, what advice do you have for future alumni?

first, UIUC suggested that the weather to be prepared for winter, is about twenty degrees below zero, then the UIUC want to take remedial mentees who give you advice is, you must apply a few safety school, because now there should be no school can be true when safety school and now, UIUC just received donations and state aid, it is a compromise of the State students admitted less enrollment of international students.

school life and learning chapter

Q1: say, what do you think of UIUC in your eyes? Or what are the characteristics of UIUC? One of the two biggest features of

UIUC is that there are many Chinese students, and the other one is particularly academically stressed. China students much, advantages and disadvantages are, as for the academic pressure, especially CS and ECE professional, now every night I sleep on average is 6 hours, or in the case of playing mobile phone and computer.

Q2: what do you think is different when you enter the school? Before

is UIUC as a safety school, but after entering the school found that there are still a lot of bad students, especially the Institute, many professionals are very near the top, although many American students are not good at math, but they long ago (high school) began programming, feel that the competition is still a lot of pressure.

Q3: what kind of support does the school provide to you in the academic field?

has a variety of officehour, the school's school will also provide junior class tutor

Q4: share how you choose professional?

I'm a CS professional just this semester, because in the United States, it's hard to find jobs in the United States without choosing CS majors or business, and it's hard to stay in the United states.

Q5: does your school turn professional? Which major is better? Which majors don't get better?

, CS, biology, engineering and machinery are hard to change, and other majors are getting better.

Q6: are you academically stressed? How long does it take on average to study in a day?

doesn't take classes. It takes about 40 hours a week, 25 hours at weekends,

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