"Foreign disciples" and China Kung Fu: off the Taekwondo Hall to learn kung fu Chinese

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Bret master Fangshan (left) to teach martial arts skill beirut. Tao Shelan photo

Beijing November 5 Sydney Xinhua: Australia Shaolin foreign disciples "Kung Fu Chinese

reporter Tao Shelan

imagine a group of" foreigners ", a kind of mold to play with China Kung Fu, is what kind of situation? In Sydney, there are many foreigners like this. The 45 year old Bret Russell, 20 years, China practicing kung fu, and set up the 10 Chinese Kung Fu martial arts, with hundreds of disciples, happiness within.

speaking of Bret China Kung Fu, must mention Sydney, a Chinese medicine doctor fangshan. He is a doctor of Fujian University of traditional Chinese medicine, Xu Gongwei, a famous Chinese medical expert, a disciple of the 31 generation of Shaolin Temple in Songshan, and the eight part of Chinese wushu. He is proficient in Shaolin boxing and other domestic and foreign Kung fu. In 1990, Fangshan emigrated to Australia and received a master's degree from University of Sydney, opened a Chinese medicine clinic in Chinatown, spare time also opened a martial arts professor, China Kung fu.

, Bret is teaching the young students. Tao Shelan

soon, Bret heard the news from his friend. 7 year old Bret began to learn Taekwondo, taekwondo four black belt was already, also have their own school. I heard the Fangshan Kung Fu, he excitedly ran to see. Unexpectedly, two people meet to learn, Fangshan first hired Xingyi Oolong hole, put Bret down. To stand up, Fangshan resorted to second strokes of Shaolin boxing "rhino hit the mountain, Bret fell to the ground again. Third Taijiquan "yemafenzong", Bret no defense force.

recalls meeting with Fangshan first, Bret's eyes still full of admiration for the master. He said, "I've seen Shaolin Temple movies starring Jet Li, and I think Shaolin Kung Fu is amazing. At that time, I just wanted to see what Shaolin Kungfu looks like. I didn't think the master's Kungfu was so good. It surprised me. "

China Kung Fu sincerely convinced Bret, thanks for Fangshan immediately. He closed his Taekwondo Hall and led the students who studied Taekwondo to learn Chinese Kungfu from scratch.

class=", Bret, id=, and disciples. Photo by Tao Shelan

from the horse started. Fangshan ask his disciples to practice with a horse, until their legs trembling and collapsed on the ground. After a period of time, Bret realized the difference between Chinese Kungfu and taekwondo. Chinese Kungfu pays attention to the strength of the footwall, while Taekwondo pays more attention to the strength of the upper body. Practice constantly, repeatedly, bitter to some students halfway, but really want to learn Chinese Kung Fu Bret never thought of giving up.

one night, Bret was walking down the street, and a gangster came up to rob him. Bret instinctively pull and Kung Fu, put each other down. In this distress, he found that Kung Fu actually had practical functions. This made him more confident in learning.

pays no attention to people who are willing to work hard. By 2006, Shaolin Temple hosted the "Kung Fu Star" competition held in Melbourne, Australia more than 50 school more than 120 contestants, Bret won the first place in sanda. Since then, a Hollywood movie has chosen martial arts stunt man all over the world, and he has entered the top five in more than 2000 candidates. Australia's most famous Kung Fu magazine "Blitz Martial Arts Magazine" made him cover. An American Kung Fu magazine "Inside Kungfu Magazine in USA" also interviewed him. There is an army training base in his school nearby, specifically asked him to teach soldiers Chinese Kung fu.

Bret said: "learning Chinese Kungfu has brought me confidence and self-discipline, become a part of my life, I am full of passion for martial arts. The unique feature of Shaolin Kung Fu is that it is not only beneficial to the strong physique, but also to the spiritual and spiritual guidance and precipitation. "

Bret to small students demonstration. Photo by Tao Shelan

in recent years, focus on traditional Chinese medicine in Fangshan, up to more than 300 western film and sports stars after his recovery after treatment of traditional Chinese medicine. 10 years ago, he closed his own martial arts, the Shaolin Kung Fu tradition to his foreign disciples". He had 8 disciples opened a school in australia. Disciple Bret had 10 students in the martial arts in Sydney, 800-1000. His "disciple", one of Bret's disciples, in the German Munich opened a martial arts. The reporter once passed by his martial arts, surprised to find that he is teaching some children learn kung fu Chinese.

Bret has two daughters. He was influenced by him from childhood and fell in love with Chinese kungfu. In 2009, he took "a heart of worship" to bring his family to visit Shaolin Temple. Next year, I want to take my apprentice to Shaolin Temple. I hope to continue to promote Chinese Kung Fu in the future, so that more Australians benefit from it. "He said. (finished)

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