Gym encounter forced buy class coach: you don't buy, do not have class

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yangshixinwenkehuduan· 2017-11-05 10:19:18

Nanjing citizen Ms. Zhou

in ginger bird fitness Nanjing million shop is still the cost of 30 thousand yuan, the purchase of private education. But private coach does not seem to meet, but also repeatedly forced to buy their own class, she hopes to refund. The results in the refund when in trouble.

[trainees: fitness trainer service forced to buy lessons]

Ms. Zhou said, the reason is that the fitness coach in order to personal performance, has repeatedly forced her to buy private education courses. This seriously affected Ms. Zhou's class experience.

" Nanjing citizen Ms. Zhou: "I have bought 100 classes, but not to buy less, then he is not happy, don't give me a good look, he (WeChat) said if you don't buy class. Don't class. After "

" afterwards, the personal trainer realized that his behavior was not proper, and apologized to Ms. Zhou for his initiative to img_box. Nanjing Jiangning million

ginger bird fitness coach Yang: "before the store is still really is my language lessons continued to make you do wrong. "

, but Ms. Zhou is no longer willing to keep fit at this store. She said that in Nanjing is still the ginger bird fitness fitness million shop for 3 months, has replaced the 3 coach services are just passable, she hopes to return the remaining more than 100 lessons, but progress has not been smooth.

" [private education gym manager refused to withdraw

] so, what bird fitness in Nanjing is still the ginger million shop is how to say? Today, the reporter accompanied Ms. Zhou to find the private teaching manager. She said, never promised Ms. Zhou can withdraw, and the gym manager and ginger bird has fitness headquarters was informed of the situation, the answer is: not to withdraw!

Nanjing Jiangning ginger bird fitness million is still the shop manager Ye Han: "Private Education headquarters also spoke to me, or to continue the class, or a coach, or to shop to shop, also can. "

"(editor Xia Yun)

[said the manager of internal communication mistakes actively for the customer refund]

Zhou feel strange, she had several times to the private coach asked the gym manager's phone, but was rejected. So, is the store allowed to retreat? Through other channels, the reporter contacted the ginger bird fitness Nanjing million is still the shop manager, he was very surprised, said to withdraw a previously unaware.

is still the number of million ginger bird fitness store manager Zhang Pengfei: "today I also just heard about this thing, because Ye Han (Private Education Manager) before that she is controllable, can solve their own now, the bigger things, go to the TV station to let me know this matter, headquarters there already know the only solution, headquarters there. "

ginger bird after that headquarters said that the fitness coach insisted that customers buy class lessons continued behavior caused unpleasant experience to customers. In addition to the internal work communication failure, they understand the customer's experience. At present, the shop has been returned to Ms. Zhou remaining 100 class fee. Ms. Zhou expressed satisfaction.

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