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17173youxi· 2017-11-05 15:33:53

Blizzard Festival this year, "World of Warcraft" made a lot of big news, 8 may become "the most suitable for beginners in history" version [view]. And officially announced the introduction of retro clothing, you can return to think that the most classic piece of information.

Blizzard production director J. Allen Brack received an interview with Chinese media to answer questions about retro clothing and 8 program. According to him, but considering the vintage clothing covering the previous 6 expansion project.

retro clothing or 6 pieces of information, but there may be no underground city search and other convenient functions

Q: Nostalgia clothes will be divided into different servers according to the previous data sheet?

Allen: theory on our vintage clothing to cover at least 6 different versions of type , but encountered many technical difficulties, so now we still do some internal work to deal with this problem.

8 "will be a lot of fun game player of the Lich King again angry, did not think Alsace is a retro clothing form regression grade

Q:60 version will add new search behind the underground city of convenient game player function?

Allen: like you said this is not the beginning of our , we didn't even want to do , of course, we will continue to listen to the feedback of the game player in the community, and make adjustment according to the feedback.

Q: Nostalgia clothing and Warcraft 8 which will appear in the earlier game player's vision?

Allen: there is no news from the official.

Q: why would you like to introduce such a version of nostalgia?

Allen: basically is two reasons, one is that we hear a lot of game player's voice, also collected a lot of feedback in the community, world of Warcraft is a process from old to new, something before you have been unable to get now, so we want to take before things to now.

the second reason is that we Blizzard employees also often discuss this problem, they also like some of the previous things, so we want to bring these things back.

8.0" will open the property AI compression will be more involved in the event in

Q: Why did you choose to camp confrontation as the main content of the new piece of information?

Allen: chose this against the theme is to inspire the hearts of the game player potential, and after the betrayal of the tribe alliance will not be forgotten by the alliance, so the choice of this topic.

Q:8.0 has canceled the artifact, then behind the artifact like qualities will be integrated?

Allen: as we have said before, the artifact system now has slowly come to an end, under the version we will replace it with "Aizelasi heart", which can be regarded as an artifact of the system upgrade.

your browser does not support the video playback

Q: will you do some attribute compression in the next version?

Allen: has plans to do attribute compression .

Q: in the publishing sector, the project team has been emphasized in the game AI become stronger, they will kill the preferred treatment or when you sneak in, but this feeling is simply to increase treatment skills of hatred and ADD, you so-called smarter in the end is what?

A: familiar with the game players will find, in fact, each piece of information in the game AI will be more powerful than before, this is a gradual increase in the process.

8.0 AI advanced, including it will become more dynamic, more anthropomorphic, what will the future of the game plot to interact more considering the theme and target your future game process, including the AI system can help you to escape, help you around the potential enemies and so on. We're thinking now that AI isn't just defined as your enemy, and he'll be the ally of you.

CG" the last act of war is obviously in a tribute to the orc war3

Q:8.0 theme is against the Horde and alliance, PVP will become mainstream, so whether it will redo on PVP?

Allen: a part of game player love PVP, so in order to meet their needs, we will spare no effort in the PVP. In the new version, with regard to PVP, we will modify some of the previous standards and redesign them.

Q: what is the development goal of World of Warcraft at present? Is more casual game player bias or core game player?

Allen: we are not according to their professional degree in distinguishing categories but the game player, according to their game time and game frequency, we hope to be able to meet the demands of the game and game player, of course, our game may prefer hardcore game player

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