The car rollover tree is broken, this is a sneeze to blame

Kunshan Lijiang River Iveco Suzhou

xiandaikuaibaoquanmei· 2017-11-05 18:45:30

Modern Express News (reporter Gao) November 2nd, Suzhou Kunshan Lijiang road traffic rollover accident occurred, causing the accident was actually driving a sneeze when driving.

" in the Kunshan city traffic police squadron for

in the morning at 7:45 PM, Kunshan Chengdong squadron received a police intelligence, said in the Lijiang River Road rollover accident, the police immediately drove to the. The

scene of the accident, a white Iveco rollover on the road, the front left front frame of severe depression, the arc tilt, the right side of the window glass has been shattered, a car sized thick trees were broken, the 28 year old driver Zhao was frightened and still suffering from the shock.

corrosion to God, Zhao to the police to tell myself over a breathtaking scene. Before the incident, Zhao ran to Lijiang Road, suddenly felt a bit itchy nose, so a hand holding the steering wheel to continue to drive, the other hand clutching his nose, sneezing. But in this instant, one hand held the steering wheel suddenly biased, there is no deceleration of the car suddenly hit the shoulder. Zhao suddenly panicked, and hit the steering and brakes, and the Iveco "magnificent" to a 180 degree tail, then in turn lower inertia effect.

sudden accident to Zhao got confused and disoriented, but fortunately when he got in the seat belt, so in this series of impact, he was firmly fixed on the seat back, except a little pain, and no matter what.

but the roadside trees are not so lucky, the huge impact of the trees sized thick trees were broken. Modern Express reporter learned from the Kunshan police, Zhao was sneezing, did not make the vehicle deceleration. When people sneeze, the body will bend, the intensity will increase, and the eyes may also be closed, but these are the causes of the accident.

(edit Gao Miao)

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