Is the girl on the street to mobile phone home father "serial leg"

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11 4 July at 2 p.m. Xu, netizen "Weixiaobao" in "Zigong salt on" Post said, Fushun County town board a girl's mobile phone was confiscated after his father, and his father had to work, and a live video and screenshots. On the morning of 5, the Chengdu Daily reporter confirmed that the client from the local police station, the users reflect the situation basically true, after the incident, the police station alarming promptly, the girl was to go home with her parents education. In the interview, Mr. Chen, the father of the

girl, said that the main reason for her daughter's rebellion was that she refused to go home with her parents. 14 year old daughter is in a rebellious period, parents really helpless, only hope she can grow up as soon as possible, understand the parents is not easy.

"on the scene

girl kicked the father crying out for mobile phone users in

Weixiaobao" said net posts, the girls go to Internet cafes, father was found and confiscated mobile phone, and then the street fight father. "Girls or junior high school students, this should be seriously learning, should not appear in minors banned Internet cafes.". The friends said, "my father beat you is wrong, you can not beat his father's reason; hope the girl in the video can calm down and think about their parents more than ten years of parenting, think of the lives of their parents meticulous care, correct their mistakes, your father and mother. The length of the video in the

net post is 1 minutes and 02 seconds. A middle-aged man dressed in a yellow coat first pulls a girl to the side with his hand, and does not want the girl to turn around and stand on his back and kick his waist to the waist of the man. A black man came forward to persuade, onlookers also persuaded, and some accused the daughter beat father wrong. Then, the middle-aged man has tried to teach the girl, the girl has 5 kicked the man, which was 3 times the man grabbed and fell to the ground. Subsequently, the police arrived at the scene, the end of the farce.

and a city in a wide circle of friends forwarded friends micro channel video display, the girl holding a rope, she said to the middle-aged man for mobile phone, as long as the mobile phone to her, to her home can not promise, man.

net post issued once, as of 5 PM 1 pm, the amount of reading up to 20667 times, reply hundreds of. Most netizens believe that girls do wrong, should understand the parents is not easy and apologize to parents; there are some friends believe that this situation occurs, and the way parents have a certain relationship.

"on the scene of the

family returned to Chengdu on the morning of

5 both in the cold war, the Chengdu Daily reporter came to the site of the incident at the client three Fushun County Banqiao Town (small names), a man surnamed Wang recalled that the incident occurred on November 1st at 3 pm, girl the age of about 14th Five-Year years, and a boy was walking in the street, parents are found, the mother asked her daughter home, was rejected. In the quarrel, the mother beat the girl, but the girl resisted, and she beat her mother with her hands and feet. Mr. Wang said, "the girl's father couldn't see it." she tried to bring her daughter home, and her daughter refused to do so. The two father and daughter grabbed it again and again. "Girls," she said.

went on for about half an hour, and the girl insisted on refusing to go home and asked her father to return her cell phone. Eventually, the police station arrived at the scene, the family dispute can be terminated, the girl came home with her parents.

by multi contact, Chengdu business daily client reporter through the phone and the girl father Chen contact. Mr. Chen said, because the family economic difficulties, the couple in Chengdu all year round, with a pair of children around. Before her daughter Mandy (a pseudonym) to go to school in Chengdu at the end of August this year, back to his hometown in Fushun can read grade, only 1 months, it discontinued the school, "two dolls are not good (obey), we are very sad, but can not think of a way".

Chen said, the reason why so angry, mainly because of Xiaomin fun, obsessed with mobile phones, do not want to go home with their parents. In desperation, Mr. Chen seized his daughter's cell phone and insisted that he go home with his parents, and did not want to be rejected. What makes Mandy so obsessed with mobile phones, Mr. Chen is unknown.

Chen said, after coming home, Xiaomin has not realized his mistake, and his parents into cold war state. On the morning of 4, Mr. Chen took his wife and daughter to return to Chengdu. For his daughter's study, Mr. Chen has no hope, only hope that the daughter can spend the rebellious period earlier, understand the parents is not easy, adult find a stable job, live a good life.

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Is the girl on the street to mobile phone home father "serial leg"

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Is the girl on the street to mobile phone home father "serial leg"

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