Pure dry cargo! Learning tyrants summary of the classic learning methods

Curve Wrecker dry cargo learning method classic

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< p > admitted to Tsinghua University, Peking University students learning methods, outside notting have the following five major magic weapon: < has the wrong < had a good question the < new course prior to the must first preview < first review do < homework to be timed (limited training) < learning three elements: 1, the specification of learning behavior; 2, good study habits; 3, effective learning method.

the merits of a person's academic performance depends on his ability to learn, learning ability includes three elements. The norms and learning to cultivate good study habits, formed the good study habits will for their effective learning methods, three are complementary and standardized behavior of learning is the premise and the foundation.

practice has proved: a behavior for more than 30 days, it will form a stable behavior, more than 100 days can form a habit. The same process results unchanged, the process to change the outcome of changes, reasonable success! < p > the learning ability of the three elements can be divided into eight learning links, namely, learning management and eight step: 1. Project management; 2, prepare management; 3, class management; 4, review management; 5, job management; 6, error management; 7, problem management; 8 examination management

write: preview will be vague, barriers, thinking on the breakpoint written down. Read and write sync.

practice: the highest level of preparation is to practice, preview to be reflected in the exercise, is to do after class to reflect the requirements of the exercise 1 to 2. If I can do that, in improving the ability of self-study, if not, never mind, it is normal. Because the teacher didn't say.

four, review management --- talking about the method

think: that is, recall, memories are eyes closed, in the middle of the brain. Most of the students need to do after class is to recall. This process is very important, almost all of the Tsinghua University scholar to do so. Students should arrange some time in every night before going to sleep in. < p > Check: memory is the United Nations Educational, scientific and Cultural Organization acknowledges that the most effective way to review, is leak fill a vacancy of the best method. Recall, some will be very clear to come out, some are vague, and even a bit can not remember. Can think of it, that you have a good review of the. Through this interval of 2-3 times, almost never forget. And the fuzzy and completely do not remember is missing part, need to learn from scratch.

see: that is, reading textbooks, lecture notes. Both face, more points. This point, including the focus on the content of the course, but also including the memories of the time did not want to get up, the more obscure missing point.

write: at any time to write down the heavy and difficult points, the shortcomings of the leak. Be sure to put it in the notes in detail, and make a mark, so that the total review of the time, pay attention to review this part of the content

said: that is to repeat. Such as: every day to repeat their own knowledge, every weekend for a week Neixue retelling of the knowledge. To understand that is not really understand, that the white is really understand. Adhere to 2~3 months will have a good memory, general ability, understanding ability to improve, enhance the ability to express, enhance writing ability. < p > 5, operations management, to self-discipline < untimed does not work < review does not work < encountered problems, 100 think not the solution first pass, tackle < p > do not check does not work < summary does not work < work independently to avoid plagiarism < 6, error management - often reflective < has the wrong and the problem of the exam will, the purpose is for later review. The wrong questions and challenges reflects the knowledge linking many of the master problem is equal to the error and high in hand. The establishment of error and the problem, each page is divided into five parts. The first part is the original question; the second part is wrong; the third part is correct can draw inferences about other cases from one instance; the fourth part is summarized to remind; the fifth part is to review the number. < p > 7, problem management, will traceability < in general, problem difficult is most questions concerning intellectual spots, intricate relationships between knowledge points thinking jumping, logic is strong. Therefore, for the problem, it is recommended to use the method of tracing. One is to identify the problem required knowledge of the inventory, synchronous differentiation of the internal link between knowledge; recovery test their thinking path, check "discrimination" plug; the third is using the reference answer inquiry has its own blind spots doubt leak.

eight, test management --- to focus on

with a drop of statistical table management. According to subjects into the sky, selection, calculation and so on. Wrong, lost a number of points, with a statistical table to speak, so you can understand those who are physically out of the deviation, those who are wrong, what is the knowledge point of the problem, which needs to be improved and improved. The paper to copy down the wrong topic, every 20 days to do it again, especially before the examination can find sites.

children's education and growth is the most important, in this process, it is inevitable that there will be a variety of problems. In view of these questions, we will share some experiences and opinions on the regular basis.

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Pure dry cargo! Learning tyrants summary of the classic learning methods