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It is time to

, a new British game week sales list released last week, although only a new game on sale in the UK, but this did not affect the big race, the top ten competition is still fierce.

" as the only one in the sale last week of the game, "call of Duty: World War II" can be said to be no suspense to sit on the top spot in the sales chart. Not only that, in sales, "call of Duty: World War II" compared to the previous "endless war" has also been significantly improved.

in the "call of Duty:" after World War II, sales of the top ten ranked games are relatively stable, "Assassin's Creed:" on the origin of "FIFA 18" "super Mario Odyssey" also basically hold their position, of which only 2 "destiny" or larger, it is a gas dropped from seventh to fourteenth.

in addition, the sales list there is a very noteworthy information: "GTA5" fell out of the top ten, yes, this is we speak for the British people a hand game finally left the list of the top ten , it also can not help but I began to wonder: can achieve such results in the UK next, which would be a game?

below is the top 15 list of sales:

source: UKie

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