Want to marry the daughter closer, father in the next district for female marriage

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" yingzi (a pseudonym) is 26 years old, in the eyes of father Wang, this is the old standard of "marriage". Wang began to worry, 26 years old should get married, but Tom is still single. He was a little worried, if marry yingzi too far, not to see her, how wronged. "When Dad, who will not bear the daughter, who is afraid of her unhappy, is not it?" "

, let the daughter marry a bit closer.". Lao Wang made a preset for this distance: other provinces can not, the province can consider, but the best in Chengdu City, the closer the better. In order to make the distance as far as possible to a minimum, he in the wall of the next District posted up "notice" (right). "The other party must be smart, competent, handsome, good for her.". Lao Wang said.

is the daughter of marriage "notice" handwritten posted in the elevator

11 on the evening of 3 August at 8:50 PM, who lives in Washington, Mr. Yuan Bangtai mansion home, by the elevator in a handwritten "notice" to attract. A piece of A4 paper, write with the red pen: there is no residential installation? 27 years old, healthy, skilled, home in Washington, dc. There's a phone number and a word "Wang" in it.

"poor parents!". "Mr. Yuan can not help feeling, and took photos, sent to the circle of friends. Although "notice" is handwritten, the way of marriage is somewhat ordinary, but it can feel the love of parents for their children. "In addition to Mr. Yuan, in the residential property owners, other owners also released the news.

but that night, community security on this "marriage notice" was cleared, "the district is not allowed to paste ads.". "In accordance with this" marriage notice "on the phone number left yesterday, the Chengdu Business Daily reporter and Lao Wang made contact. Lao Wang, 50 years old, home in Yibin, to Chengdu home improvement has been ten years, the current family has settled in Chengdu.

for this announcement, Lao Wang is very frank, "I posted, my daughter is 26 years old, also should talk about friends married.". "But this" marriage notice "is" he's holding his daughter, "and she knows it must be against it. "

Wang said, on November 3rd, he specially in Washington mansion several Bangtai elevator has posted a notice for the daughter marriage.

wants to marry his daughter near the

far, daughter wronged do

at the bottom of the "notice" also left a word: want to marry his daughter near point. In fact, Washington and Washington spring Wang live bontai mansion only wall. The distance is almost at hand.

a decade ago, Wang came to work. At that time, daughter graduated from junior high school, no longer continue to school, soon came to Chengdu. Lao Wang said that he and his daughter did not separate from childhood, to work in Chengdu, the daughter will live home every day. However, looking at the daughter growing up, the age of getting married in the twinkling of an eye, although he was eager to marry her daughter, but worried that her daughter would be so far away.

"if he is not good for her to do, wronged do. "So, Lao Wang laid down a distance in his heart, and he could not marry his daughter too far. Provinces are not, the province can also consider, but it is best in Chengdu City, it is best not to more than three ring, the closer the better.

she is the second, the eldest son has married, baby also had, so she is a treasure, if married far, wronged I can't go to see, near point I can often take care of. In Lao Wang's heart, the daughter is always the baby in the family.

if one day, my daughter just to find the other half in the provinces, two people feeling hard to do? In this regard, Wang seems not ready, but said, "it will be the bride will, in addition, I think her daughter would not. "The

has received an"

"for the man to call smart daughter

according to Wang posted" notice ", he hopes the future son-in-law is a healthy person, the best age is 27 years old. Requirements may seem simple, but after a lot of thought. 27 years old, is a horse, daughter of a sheep, he said, according to the sign of the zodiac, two people together will be more harmony. In addition, "a healthy body is a good struggle.". "Technical" requirements, he was derived as "smart, capable", "brain", able to do decent things, have income. "

", of course, more importantly, to my daughter is good, do not let her wronged, followed by filial piety. Lao Wang said. At present, Lao Wang has received a number of "Recruitment" calls, once mistakenly thought that reporters also come to "

". However, Lao Wang has not yet encountered particularly satisfied, "finally, to see the baby's opinion, two people to contact themselves.". "

's daughter

attitude could not bear away from his family thanks for parental love

for his father secretly for their own marriage thing, not too much to blame father yingzi. For the father "want to marry her daughter near point" idea, she still expressed the identity, "since childhood haven't how to leave them, also can't bear to stay away from parents.". Although they feel helpless for their wedding every day, they know that they are good for me, and thank them for their love for me. Yingzi said, "after himself in a car 4S shop.

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