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haiwaiwang· 2017-11-07 14:29:50

local 5, Texas, Sutherland springs a church shootings, killing 26 people, the Gunners have died. Foreign media said the gunman Devine Kelly (Devin Kelley) in the process of committing the crime in the last three shots at gunpoint, shot and killed.

overseas network on 7 November, according to CNN 7 news, Texas authorities said the gunman in the shooting of Kelly in the two gun, the gun was a local resident in the thigh and the body, the last shot was killed in the fight the head of a gun.

Texas Wilson County Sheriff Takit 6 in an interview had said that the gunmen fled the scene in Kelly drive after committing the crime, two armed people in hot pursuit, in the process of the two sides exchanged fire. He said the police believed the gunman was killed after a gunshot wound.

has previously reported that law enforcement officers in Wilson and Guadalupe County Road found the gunman died in the car, but it is not clear whether the gunman was pursuing his Dutch act residents shot. According to the world daily of the United States, Kelly, 26, has always had an uneasy behavior based on criminal records and service records, according to the American World Journal (

). The former girlfriend, who had been dating him nearly 10 years ago, said in a telephone interview that Kelly would be harassing her for a long time after their breakup. And the way she was harassing was calling her frequently, or trying to interact with her using facebook accounts with hidden identities, and she had to call and change the phone number. It is reported that

, Kelly in Texas Bulangfeisi new town, the location of the attack from his first Baptist Church of Sutherland springs about 55 kilometers.

Kelly has joined the air force in New Mexico, Holloman Air Force Base (Holloman) of the logistics service. After 2 years in the army, he was sentenced to 12 months in jail for beating his wife and children and being demoted. Although Kelly in the subsequent appeal, but did not change the original. In 2014, the army was forced to leave the army on the grounds of ill conduct. His wife in his conviction, immediately asked for a divorce.

Kelly, like many other shooting killers, will vent the world's grievances on social media. He attacked organized religion, churches and believers in facebook. In an article he shared with Mark, a writer, Twain: "I don't fear death. I died a hundred million years ago, and I don't care about death.". Some of Kelly's former classmates said they would keep a distance with Kelly because Kelly's behavior was often hostile and aggressive. But in another British account, he lists personal concerns, including animal protection, art, culture, children and civil rights. (overseas net Yao Kaihong)

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