Dead is a live: These soldiers be dead to escape

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dead arena is a self protection way a lot of animal will, monkeys, snakes, fox even pigs will. If you want to comment on a dead animal world best actor Oscar, it is.

note: Kresh and Addie's possum "ice age" in a pair, "because we are especially famous for simpleton.

possum when in danger will escape, braking, steering, escape hopeless, will lay on the ground, eyes closed, open mouth, tongue, tail is weak, while the body looks like violent twitching, seizures, facial pain make a constipation for a month to confuse predators.

generally, predators see a possum like this, and they think it's scared to death or dead, and turns away.

note: possum possum.

this trick, help the weak and no other powerful means of self-defense animal on earth survived for 70 million years, visible possum is an effective way of living.


on human war, in order to escape for the purpose of the dead is also very common. At 1 a.m. on June 6th,

1944, a few hours before the American army landed in Normandy, the airborne troops were sent forward to infiltrate the bridge, the beach route and strike the German artillery position. Among them, the 82 airborne division 505 regiment commanded by Colonel William Ekman on the East Bank of the company.

diagram note: U.S. airborne troops before boarding.

night airborne, dangerous, it is difficult to identify and control landing point, a lot of paratroopers landed in the river, low-lying land, deep well. Some bad luck, fell into the German camp and was shot directly. When a paratrooper named John landed, the parachute hung on the roof of a church.

" he can not, can not, high up in the air, had watched most of his comrades were killed or captured german. At dawn, hanging in the air John is too conspicuous, but still dead, spend a few hours to the worst of his life.

finally, the Germans felt that the "corpse" was hanging out in the church, so he put him down. At this point, John could not continue to pretend to be a German prisoner.

and John found a chance to escape, to return to the military camp, he repeatedly exploits the spoils of the old can escape from death in a great catastrophe is justified, and the battlefield success depends on the character is dead.

" the famous Soviet sniper Pavlichenko is a hero (pictured above), she had killed 309 German soldiers, including 36 German sniper, was awarded the honorary title of hero of the Soviet Union and the gold star medal. But is such a hero, also had his experience.

she had a great talent for shooting, and was known as "a cold heart" in the battlefield, hiding in the dark, shooting a shot of German soldiers". One battle, she was hit by an enemy bullet and nearly lost her life. Then, she simply played dead after exposure to paralysis of the enemy, the enemy, immediately kill the opponent. Because she kills many and he also installed die, so it is called "death of mrs.".

not only can play dead, equipment can also be dead. During the Second World War, the American "little shark" submarine met with a German destroyer and was forced to dive urgently. Because the submarine is slower than the destroyer in underwater, and the launch will be found by German sonar, so the submarine has to stay stationary. At this point, the German destroyer's deep water bomb exploded nearby, and it was very dangerous. Then the captain came up with his military coup.

when the deep water bomb exploded again near the submarine, he ordered the sailors to throw out the junk from the boat and pump out the diesel oil, pretending to be the illusion of the submarine being sunk. The Germans found the submarine and the water floating life vests, tools and large oil, judge has destroyed the submarine, then turn left. At this point, the U.S. submarine aimed at the opportunity, suddenly launched a torpedo, sank the German destroyer.


case of course these dead even belong to the counter attack success probability is minimal, in most cases there is no way out of the dead.

first, the discipline is not allowed. There is no army would allow his soldiers on the battlefield assault fashion officer holding a gun to die, in the back, and some also set up the so-called "Du corps", will not go back the gun, how can we allow the existence of dead eggs? Our army is famous for war fighting spirit and invincible, never despise and punish combat negative, cold feet and even those self injury self mutilation. Dead? There is no place. Xu Shiyou in Jiaodong on the "triple play" and the "ten battle kill", all with special emphasis on "run, kill! Negative enemy, kill! Who does not advance, kills! Timid fled, kill! "As a common interpretation of the battlefield discipline.

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