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Modern Express News (reporter He Jiewen / photo) "lift originally good, is mounted on the railing, occupied the area of 1/4. "Recently, a residential property in Suzhou to prevent electric cars into the elevator, the installation of railings in the elevator on the Internet has been a hubbub, some people praise some people questioned. In November 7th, the modern express reporter visited the residential area, the property side of the move, but also caused great controversy in the district.

elevator welding railings, electric cars no shelter,

11 7 on 1 o'clock in the afternoon more than, modern express reporter came to Suzhou Wuzhong District lakeside garden. On the 1 floor of the small room, the reporter saw a total of 3 elevator, in which an elevator without the use of an elevator maintenance is, in normal use, another in the use of the elevator is different, the elevator with stainless steel welded on the railing railing, the width and height of about 40 cm, accounted for about 1/4 of the area, the elevator inspection, electric vehicle does not enter the elevator.


installation elevator rails then reporter visited the other floor of the elevator, and found no railing. In the 2 building, a resident is pushing the electric car downstairs, talking about the elevator welding railings, she did not know, "I certainly do not agree to install ah, upstairs and downstairs is not convenient.". "Reporters found that, at the door of some households, still parked battery car.

some people agree that there is opposition, is seeking the views of the

and pushing the car downstairs residents, with children are areas where Zhu uncle also does not agree with the railing in the elevator, Zhu uncle himself put electric cars in the corridor. "Convenient charging". "Zhu uncle's reason is very simple.". Although uncle Lu didn't have an electric car, he put forward, "so the elevator is very crowded. What should I do if I want to move the big articles?"

however, there are also many residents to install railings applauded. "Electric car to the elevator in a horizontal, originally can more manned elevator, also can not squeeze in, can only wait for the next trip, meet the rush hour, really anxious.". "Ms. Li said. Lin uncle thinks that there are great potential safety risks for electric cars entering and leaving the elevator. "Some young people get into and out of the elevator and are particularly rude. Sometimes they bump into the elevator or touch the elevator door, sometimes they are dented.". "And it's not safe to put the electric car in the corridor.

delta property posted comments

notice because owners of bars do not agree, the reporter saw in the elevator and corridor bulletin, district property posted a notice, each building can be based on the selected 8 representatives to negotiate the elevator whether the rail installation issues, the specific procedure of time is the morning of November 11th. The

property: This is mainly in order to lift the smooth operation of the

in this regard, the Jiangsu residential property in South of Jiangsu Vanke Property Services Limited, responsible person, bars in the elevator is mainly in order to safeguard the smooth operation of the elevator, currently only 1 buildings in an elevator in the specific test equipment, whether you want to install but also for the owners opinions.

the person in charge, the District 1 buildings and 2 buildings were delivered in 2003, has been 14 years, the elevator is relatively old. The area is now property in January this year to take over the area, took over the district when it found that 6 of the two elevator in the building is often a problem, according to the industry to reflect, electric vehicles and long term import and has a lot of reasons, not only damage to the elevator appearance, also affect the service life of the elevator. Industry Committee from the Internet to see other practices, to the property is not also can try, so there is a trial installation railing practices.

"we're asking the owners for advice, and if most of the owners don't agree to do that, then we can only think about something else. "The person in charge said. At the same time, the responsible person said, before the underground garage debris occupied, now the property will have to clean up the underground garage renovation, we can be the electric car parked in them, though there may be some inconvenience, but it is also in consideration of the safety of all owners, I believe we can overcome and understand.

according to Jiangsu Litai lawyer Ni Li introduced electric cars into the elevator in the law has no direct prohibition, but lawyers believe that the elevator within the district are generally not manned elevator, freight elevator, used for electric cars if one will affect the normal use of other people, the two is likely to cause lift the damage and lead to safety problems. "Mainly by the district industry committee to develop relevant agreements to regulate the behavior of the owners. "Lawyer said.

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