From the girl body to fart smell, VR manufacturers always shocked your brain hole

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jikegongyuan· 2017-11-07 22:58:33

in order to let you feel the real sense of immersion, VR vendors can be racking their brains, in order to meet the players' eyes and ears, a variety of meet the sense of the exotic equipment has come on stage.

today, geeks Park and everyone together to see the brain hole wide open "talons" designers will be toward what direction, creating what VR black technology.

for your hair, feel 4D experience

, this has a plug-in fan ZephVR, let you realize the 4D experience in VR. ZephVR is a Enter Weasel laboratory developed a unique fan type VR peripherals, which can be used in HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and PlayStation VR and other mainstream head up display, which can automatically add the game for any sense of the wind. The system in the

device can identify events in the game track and activate the fan on the right. With this accessory, when flying, in the VR environment to fall, acceleration, wind or in the game, the user will feel the wind blowing, to obtain a more realistic immersive feeling.

" was the inspiration for the development of the peripherals co-founder and chief technology officer at PSVR when playing racing game. As she poked her head out of the window of the virtual racing car, she put her head in front of the fan. She said, "this feeling is real, and I can't help giggling. I immediately began to think about recreating this moment for other games. "

ZephVR" has received a wide range of popularity since its launch, and it has only finished 7 hours on the Kickstarter platform.

lets you feel the girl body VR

in order to meet everyone in the game in the sense of smell in demand, Japanese manufacturers VAQSO launched the VAQSO VR device features a unique smell.

VAQSO VR is about the size of a chewing gum, and it can be pulled underneath the VR game helmet through magnets, and inside it is a perfume with a special scent. Developers according to the game schedule, you can program control VAQSO VR switch, so that your nose can also feel the changes in the virtual world.

" to a different game, game player who need to add perfume is not the same, for example in the field shooting, smell should be a heavy smell of smoke, and if you experience the beauty video, smell the aroma is.

is worth mentioning is that the VAQSO VR smell generator compatibility is also very good, the market mainstream VR head marked almost all apply, but also in the perfume box device replacement, the general can use a month or so.

seems that after the VAQSO VR debut, VR games not only need to see the computer configuration, but also pay attention to what kind of perfume box need to be prepared.

released the fart flavor hardcore VR

is also to meet everyone in the game's sense of smell demand, Ubisoft launched a VR device becomes more hardcore, it can let the fart smell the smell of game player.

Ubisoft launched the Nosulus Rift VR device for its 18 game ban Park: The Fractured But "South Whole" ("South Park:" the broken chrysanthemum).

"content_img_p" it is understood that this is a worn on the nose of the peripheral equipment includes a Bluetooth connection through the electronic system and a dynamic light indicator. At the same time, there are two switchable odor tanks, where different light aluminum rods can emit different flavors of gas according to different games. Players can play the leading role of fart in the game, and can smell "fart" in the game by the device. In the promotional video of the device,

said that the taste of the device was hard to come by, saying that he had tasted more than 1000 people's fart taste before picking the best flavor. In order to pick out the people instantly without the smell is really good mood.

feels the true touch of the exoskeleton,

, in addition to hearing and smell, the VR device also allows you to have real touch. The Chinese team has developed a "exoskeleton" - Dexmo Exoskeleton, which allows users to get rid of the shackles of the handle and bring the real hand feedback system to the VR operation.

Dexmo exoskeleton mechanical finger can track 11 degrees of freedom hand movement, and in contact "virtual object", it can also provide variable force feedback for each finger.

image point, mechanical fingers can simulate the objects in virtual reality enables the user to touch, touch, grip and feel virtual objects, feeling that things are real. After wearing gloves, a virtual baseball is very hard to hold, and a virtual egg will feel very fragile. When you pick up a rubber duck with your gloves, you can even squeeze it and feel the rubber squeeze between fingers. The key to

is that the Dexmo finger is light in weight and can maintain a relatively long duration of continuous operation in wireless state.

believes that in addition to the VR devices introduced here, there are more VR devices that have been opened up like this, but haven't been discovered by me. So, welcome to the comments section below

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