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IT168· 2017-11-07 22:58:36

these days, the American media dug out a "magic" TV: in a shooting case in California, blocked bullets, saved the old man's life, and the key is to continue to see the LCD tv. Oh, yes, or "made in China"?".

, the "strong" television, is located in a small supermarket in California, Santiago, USA, which plays the promotional information of supermarkets. According to the owner, in a shooting spree at the beginning of the year, with a bunch of people ran to hide in the store, a few bullets shot in, a bullet hit the screen, deeply embedded into the TV screen, but also protect the lives of the TV behind the stunned owner.

" even more amazing is that the police cordon, removed from television takeone warheads, but not in a display area, the other part of the TV still can see, that did not have too much influence. A relatively higher position, too! Do not affect the display, so the TV was to swing in the store, display promotional information.

now, this TV is also a small celebrity in the local residents".

shopkeeper also photographed the scene of the incident. Warhead deformation, embedded screen, LCD screen fragmentation, the wound is not small.

LCD panel is a part of very sophisticated, fragile, easily broken by external impact, liquid crystal leak, causing screen radial failure. So the "hard" TV that was seen in the American shootings would be discovered.

domestic users in addition to wonder "what kind of experience is street shooting experience, have experience on the security of the United States also expressed the view: dare not go out at night, rent to check data, every day in that where the shot is very tired really suck … &hellip. In contrast, domestic security is still an advantage.

at present, many American netizens have recognized that this TV is "Made in China", and have published the recognition of the quality of China's home appliances, durable goods. Have to say, "made in China" this time is very self-improvement, to win glory for the Chinese people. Hope that "made in China" continue to expand the market, continue to refuel!

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