Is Li Jiacheng really going out?

Li Jiacheng Hongkong crossing legend

shuipizatan· 2017-11-08 01:08:35

Li Jiacheng should say is a legendary Chinese entrepreneur, his life is full of legendary, and over two times. What time? One is the heyday of Hongkong's development; the other is the heyday of reform and opening up in mainland china.

a person can span two times, but also seize business opportunities, it should be said is very rare, it is clear that Li Jiacheng is a representative of outstanding businessmen.

Li Jiacheng why asset clearance?

of course, there's a lot of talk about Li Jiacheng's withdrawal from the mainland market, including the withdrawal from the Hongkong market, so what do Li Jiacheng say?

in fact, in Li Jiacheng's view, never considered himself as Superman, the key is that Li Jiacheng is now age, after all, is too big, too big, to what extent? When we're eighty-seven years old, let's think about the old people in our own family, basically what kind of state they are when they're eighty-seven years old. So now, when Li Jiacheng is eighty-seven, and we don't let him retire, it's unfair to him. Then, after retirement, Li Jiacheng will naturally think about how his business is going to be safe.

in his view, now the security is more important than money, not only refers to the safety of politics, more refers to the safety of business operations. What kind of situation is the safest? I want to go into the normally run company, for example, into more mature markets, and this nonprofit company is probably the safest.

Li Jiacheng's strategic layout in Europe?

Li Jiacheng chose to invest in the UK from a large number of assets, business investment perspective, it is understandable; of course, from the political perspective, the original Li Jiacheng from the mainland have earned so much money, now realized, a lot of people in love can not accept, we can understand. Li Jiacheng's latest fund is to sell 75% of the interests of the new property in central, the business of up to about 30000000000 yuan, which is close to about 40000000000 Hong Kong dollars. After the completion of the property delivery, Li Jiacheng property in Hongkong, relatively less, can also say that Li Jiacheng is to say goodbye to Hongkong. The

bring forth the new through the old, each shot dead on the beach. There is an old saying, flower hundred days of red, Li Jiacheng leads the arena for so many years, his business creed is still very worthy of everyone to enjoy. He never makes the last penny, he makes a dollar, and he earns 80 Fen, which is his business creed.

back half step, wide world, convenient with people, is also convenient for yourself. The richest man's wealth belief, or very enjoy the rationale, but also worthy of our appreciation.

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