Lin Miaoke, who left her mother, is so beautiful?

Lin Miaoke ZA

juziyule· 2017-11-08 03:27:01

if I don't say, can you see the arrow pointing to the little sister who is?

" yes, just this year, the University star Lin Miaoke ah ~

" Pippi to tears ah, finally this girl can dress herself up ~

" said the university is a girl of beauty salons, saying yes, Lin Miaoke now look much better than before... "..

" back to Lin Miaoke, everyone will sigh, to a 18 year old sister paper, dress taste...

... Uh... Why.. What's hot....

" sometimes may not be a formal occasion, she dressed very grand, a pair of old artists like..

" on the scarf and honey like...

" on Lin Miaoke's clothing products, we have been very much Tucao, Pippi didn't have the heart to say... ".

" is not easy to have a wear on the ah... Before the.

" in an interview, Lin Miaoke the mother said, usually participate in the activities of the clothes, she is ready for her daughter, she also knows something behind the time...

" but the most vexing is that Lin Miaoke himself with her eyes almost.

said to her mother, is the user diss the most badly this...

" so at the University, left the home of Lin Miaoke's aesthetic is finally back on track!

the last sentence,

scatters flowers to celebrate ~

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