The 360 concept stock made shareholders laugh, but the company got into big trouble

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meirijingjixinwen· 2017-11-08 10:48:14

by 360 return A stock stimulation, stocks have erupted, take turns to limit the tide. In 2016 to participate in the 360 privatization projects listed companies Tianye shares (600807, closing yesterday at 13.15 yuan) is one of them, after the November 3rd trading volume, in November 7th again massive sealed limit, nearly three trading days rose 23%.

however, the joint venture asset management (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the joint venture management company) broke out because of the delay in the collection of the financing side, which led to the delay of the company's information management plan. Daily economic news (micro signal: nbdnews) reporter noted that the extension plans were involved in 86 million 400 thousand yuan and 78 million 200 thousand yuan of assets, repayment of overdue financing is actually the recent surge in Tianye shares.

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in this regard, Tianye shares explained to reporters, this situation appears due to some problems in the work of convergence, the next will complete the payment in accordance with the new appointment. And joint venture management personnel said, on the information management plan overdue problems, and investors have been communicated, the overdue period will be compensated for these customers, given double interest payments.

7 commissioned a total capital of nearly 400 million yuan

daily economic news (micro signal: nbdnews) reporter was informed that the day before the release of a joint venture tube and the information management plan deferred payment notice, said that because the financing arrangement is not timely payment, "and joint venture. Yingbao tube No. 1 Tianye asset management plan (hereinafter referred to as" an Yingbao No. 1) second and third deferred payment period. It is worth noting that the information management plan is the financing side, 360 stocks soared recently Tianye shares. The first half of 2016, Tianye shares by a subsidiary of Qihoo 360 invested $89 million 714 thousand and 300 to participate in the privatization program Technology Co. Ltd., is the market as 360 backdoor return of A shares of the big beneficiary.

and the joint venture announced the delay of the arrangement, the overdue information management products have been re declared the date of payment, "safe 1" two products of the payment time were delayed for about 1 months. Scheduled to expire in October 21, 2017 second will be postponed to November 24th and to complete the payment within 5 working days, due in November 4, 2017 third period will be postponed to December 3rd and to complete the payment within 5 working days.

reporter noted, and the joint venture tube website was in July this year, the disclosure of the asset management report an Yingbao No. 1 "second to eighth quarter. The report shows that the 7 phase of the information management plan was established between October 21, 2016 and March 31, 2017, except that the second period lasted for 1 years, and the other periods lasted for 2 years. The plan is mainly invested in China Everbright, and No. 9 pipe joint venture capital trust plan, trust schemes used to release liquidity Tianye trust loans; idle funds can be invested in bank deposits, money funds, guaranteed financial products. As of

6 at the end of this year, "Yingbao No. 1" second to eighth of each paid the amount of entrusted assets ranging from 14 million 400 thousand yuan to 86 million 400 thousand yuan, a total of nearly 400 million yuan, the cumulative net income of 16 million 106 thousand and 600 yuan. The specific point of view the announcement two delay, of which second paid entrusted assets of 86 million 400 thousand yuan, the cumulative net income of 4 million 825 thousand and 100 yuan; third paid entrusted assets of 78 million 200 thousand yuan, the cumulative net income of 4 million 176 thousand and 700 yuan.

and joint venture enterprises are: payment process is a problem

public information, and assets and Futures Limited company owned pipe company, November 18, 2015 completed business registration, issued in November 30th China futures industry association company set up and register registration certificate. The company is registered in Shanghai with a registered capital of 100 million rmb. The

plan for the extension of the compensation of investors and joint venture capital of the tube, said the communication and consultation with the financing, financing parties before November 3, 2017 to pay the yield to maturity. At the same time, the annual income during the period of repayment will be paid in accordance with the annual income of 200% of the contract within 10 working days of the announcement date.

" in order to understand the plan for more details and progress payment extension tube, November 7th, daily economic news (micro signal: nbdnews) reporters call the pipe and joint venture. And a joint venture project manager told reporters that the matter has done and the enterprise corresponding communication, enterprises said that now the funds in the process of return, the process of a number of problems, the back payment is no problem. The project manager also said, has made communication with all investors, customers have put forward what is not satisfied with the situation, compensation and benefits should receive benefits, customers have been received, "the principal words will still follow us before the announcement says, a pen is a pen in November 24th, is paid in December 3rd. The remaining five are expected to be cashed on time. "

Tianye shares for listed companies, the reporter also in November 7th call the company secretaries office phone. A staff member answered the phone and said he would convey to the company the questions raised by the reporter. Later that day, reporters received Tianye staff of electricity

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