North to wide tolerate no flesh, three or four lines can not put the soul

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" recently, 80 youth writer Zhang Wumao out a novel called "Chunkun", this book girdle a word on my special love of Changan can not tolerate the flesh, not the soul Yi city. The worst thing in life is not poverty, not misfortune, but not knowing what to want and how to choose. Only those who have definite goals and know how to choose will become the stronger of fate. "


, a friend who lives in Shanghai, often talks to me:"

's classmates and friends from home now can live a happy life. Usually in the small class, a small gathering at the weekend, holiday travel a small tour, as well as parents to help children, subsidies, home, leisurely and comfortable life. Alas, Shanghai life and work pressure is too great, working so hard every day. I decided to quit my job in Shanghai, sell my house, go home, do a little business, and I could do a good job.

in this case, a friend called for several years, but he is still stuck in Shanghai, just as firmly adhere to their position as stubborn and persistent.

's friends are well paid, with cars, homes and Hukou in Shanghai, a typical middle class, and it is well known that the middle class, though decent, is more anxious than the poor.

anxiety about the middle class, I will not list, anyway, friends are often anxious, friends in anxiety intolerable, envy the leisurely life of the small town of home is understandable.

envy to envy, know more friends, the town home cannot flourish in Shanghai where his soul, for friends, return is a chance the idea never put into action.


a Beijing friend for many years, to bear the pressure of reality, resolutely return home to the three line of the city.

some people might say, this recognize counsels people generally do not go far, but we have to admit that sometimes compromise is a kind of wisdom. When

's friend graduated, she had a lot of confidence in the future. She felt that if she had a will, she would be able to live her life in Beijing.

five years later, she found, work overtime every day, income will never catch up with the price, when she realized that, even after five years, in Beijing to live and work in peace is impossible, so the return becomes her good choice.

after a fierce ideological struggle, she took a step back three bags to go, and now she often complained to me:

old colleagues and friends every day I talk to the supermarket which is cheap Chinese cabbage, which restaurant is a special offer, whose children academic performance is good, who the mother-in-law unreasonable … … only trifles in life. I really envy the days in Beijing, ambition, ideals, hope, always upward posture. I really regret leaving Beijing.

but regret to regret, friends know more, while Beijing city can nourish her soul, the three line of the city more suitable for her to settle down.

for friends, the days of struggling in Beijing became a good memory, and she never had the courage to go back that way.


" a lot of foreigners working in the north of Guangzhou, will often fall into a dilemma: escape can not be reconciled, leaving very suck. The reason for

lies in the fact that North Korea cannot tolerate the flesh, and the three or four line can not put the soul down.

how to choose, no one can give you the answer, only you can give yourself the answer, a lot of people fled from North Canton, more people choose to stay.

which is a better choice, different people have different views on the network, often have this question: wages are not high, why do you persist in the big city floating?

has given such a reason:

curled up in a small place, most people are a little desperate, you can not see the future the possibility of. Once entered a specific track, everything is doomed, basically only in accordance with the set road towards the end of life. So many people would rather endure hardship and come to Beijing, just because of two words: hope.

this city has born rich, there are a lot of people who have nothing, here don't care about their origin, as long as you work hard, more brains, can they go to practice, not afraid of failure, it may rise head and shoulders above others.

don't worry Never mind net is no way to go, really capable people, natural light and heat, will attract others to you, around you to form a network of relationships, and you, this is the center of the web.

a lot of criticism that the reason is too chicken, sounds very good, is also very exciting, but the reality is cruel, people have to surrender, but because some people have a hope, finally realized his dream of "


Hua Zi University after graduation, he and several classmates to come to Beijing to find opportunities.

at that time, they found different jobs, the income was not high, but everyone did not

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