Chinese Department of the British was berserk, the annual salary of 30 thousand pounds from!

Britain sterling workplace Beijing

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students' hard work, Liberty Timewell talked about the development of graduation, language room is full of joy.

"I chose to learn Chinese, and I didn't think about whether it was good employment or not. It was purely personal interest. But the Chinese degree is absolutely worth having! How badly I learned, and how well I've been mixing. "

Liberty Timewell after graduation, to successfully enter the UK Department for International Development (Department For International Development referred to as DFID) as a civil servant, assigned to work in Beijing, within two years, annual salary of more than 30 thousand pounds.

also show the superiority, "who are learning French and Spanish students is difficult to have development opportunities as well as our. "

Zak Clements "after graduation into a health care products company, because Chinese said slip, within six months of graduation, from a research assistant ordinary member was promoted to director of online business oriented Chinese market.

Zak Clements said, "although the current annual salary is only 26 thousand pounds, but as long as you stay in the company, it will soon rise to 50 thousand annual salary level.". Learning Chinese, will let you in the workplace Chinese students casts a thousand beams., to find a better job! "

Hannah "Jackson graduated as western economic recession, so in the choice of the development of Shanghai, in the management consulting firm Zhuo (Intralink Group) British companies for four years as a project manager, after the independent project, earning 500 pounds.

currently, she returned to Britain and worked in the The Body Shop business development department, which is well known to the Chinese people.

" although Chinese Diploma in their workplace as the will of God, but I think back to eat bitter, these successful seniors or learn your brother read Chinese before selecting must be considered carefully: "

some people think that you just read Chinese, you can go on the pinnacle of life. But I think they should be more realistic thinking, whether they have ready to endure hardship, and dare to come to China after graduation to use chinese. "

", and so on, the little beaver also plucked up courage to come to England to use English, "img_box".

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