Fang Yuan walk risk fall, Aaron Kwok hold his wife

Aaron Kwok Fang Yuan Dong Lan publicity

wangyiyule· 2017-11-08 12:05:15

" Aaron Kwok and his wife Fang Yuan, both at

entertainment NetEase reported on November 8th according to Hongkong media "East network" reported on November 8th, the film starring Aaron Kwok held a friend, wife Fang Yuan low-key support, until the evening of 10 theatres, a hand of Aaron Kwok and the wife finally caught his wife out of the body and gently, but when the line to the city near the door position, to avoid too much publicity, immediately find the staff arranged by his wife left the secret passage, and Aaron Kwok stepped out from Front Gate meet with all the fans taking pictures.

yuan almost fell, but Aaron Kwok caught

with fans meeting Aaron Kwok, accompanied by staff to join the library wife, two people holding hands out of the car, she almost fell during the party, but fortunately the husband by pulling she was not an accident, after two people aboard seven vehicles rushed home to see her daughter.

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Fang Yuan walk risk fall, Aaron Kwok hold his wife

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